Saturday, 16 July 2011

WHY engineering?

we are living in a generation of competitions.Here no one knows what he wants to do but he is unintentionally part of a competition, we are nothing more than a part of RAT RACE,,,,,,,,who thinks or start preparing for another race before one race comes to an end.We are busy in doing our work which won't interest us and  probably we sank our happiness in sea of success. we just mixed success with happiness.we are busy in doing our routine work and pretends we are happy in our daily life.

Please think for a second is this life you had wished for ? where you don't have time for yourself
.....even you don't have time to think what gives you don't know what you are ?
we are just robots controlled by the society. we are just living the lives what society wants us live

In today scenario ,everyone wants to become engineer,manager and doctor because we know society gives respect to these.....our decision are overpowered by the society.we dump off our desires ,our wishes for the sake of society .Here no one wants to become a farmer,a politician or do graduation in arts.

Every year,,,,most of arts seats in college remain unfilled as compared to over crowded engineering college.Does it make a balance to our country?

I don't know if anyone will get any time to read ma first A post or not.But my motive is to give a small change in the lives of who soever reads it.
 Here you are born alone...than why your destiny written by others,,,be the author yourself
afterall it's ur life,,,,you don't get any other chance,so live it because