Monday, 8 September 2014

Apology Accepted: Chapter Closed

Almost after 2 years, she felt that she did wrong & apologized for the same. Does this Apology will have made any difference between us?

It’s been four months; I am talking to her after the long gap of eighteen months which I dont myself know what exactly went wrong between us at that point of time.  Although we always try to avoid talking about past always but yesterday was different. 

During these four months, I hardly had ten conversations with her over facebook that too normal, the way I talk to any other facebook friend, we talk about what she is doing with her life, about her job in new city. In the course of talking over few months, I had realized that we both kind of moved on from each other. We are emotionally stable now & I should say bit emotionally mature, and are living a comfortable single life without being liable & bounded to tell each other everything  we came across as we used to do earlier. I think, it is good for both of us to start a new chapter of life in new cities as we both are in different cities.

But still something inside me, there was some pages of past which were unwritten &  finding an answer since then. I don’t say they got their answer but I think they find their reason to remain *BLANK*

Between Me & Ayesha, story started long back in 2010 when we were in our graduation, when we only have mission just to clear the semester exams & have vision to have end with first class degree. We both completed our mission & vision but in between the process of achieving targets somewhere, our story lost their vision of living together. As graduation end came, it came along with end of our story. It was like she came into my life with time bound offer which I failed to realize in the beginning. Graduation Marksheet came & giving me smiling sarcasm for what I did to her (I could have studied more). But this love story didn’t give me any of the scorecards as it ended abruptly. Now after 2 years, i got the Apology scorecard, I was confused what to do it with it.

Late Apology is like giving water to crops when they are already been wasted due to scarcity of resources. But in her case, I thought its better for me accept that as it will help me to live my life more comfortably without being finding the reason what went wrong.

I don’t  know whether this late Apology of her make sense in general or not but yes  this Apology definitely make sense what happened between us in the past . I don’t know what this Apology gonna make any change between us. But it will help me to close all the previous chapters which were linked to her.

Thank you for Apology!

P.S = Again you are the inspiration for this Blogpost.