Monday, 26 December 2011


Last Monday of the year

Till now we have seen so many Mondays…..with the unending spirit of Monday never ends.

 After saying goodbye 51 Mondays, we are here again to mourn the last & 52nd Monday of the year 2011. This year gives us very uneven experiences of bad & worst.. While a ray of hope of terror free world comes with the assassination of Osama bin laden on  of the Monday of the year . This year Monday being so tragic destructed every sector around the world, Japan tops the list being suffered a lot due to uncontrollable nuclear emission resulting into major lose both in lives & property killing 15,840 and leaving another 3,926 missing, but this can be seen from other side too Japan has become example for every other country including India who is considering nuclear power as a major source of energy in coming future.

Thinking why Monday has put so destruction everywhere, we can consider it this way as Monday celebrated as the day of Lord Shiva & we all know Lord Shiva is GOD of destruction. I don’t mind to award Monday as Tragic day of the year.

Now turning to be little optimistic by thinking a quote from Hindu Mythology,
” Everything happens for a purpose of Good.” But what we get after losing a great inspirational figure Steave Jobs? What good it was in Japan after so much destruction.?

Now talking about some good things that happened across the world.It was Monday too on 31st October when our global population crosses the mark of seven billion, one more good thing happens when America puts Iraq war to end having a peace environment over there

No one can stop the future to come to shock the people with its happenings Even being the common man we can’t do anything except to being affected from the effect of Nature.
This is the common man ,who welcomes everyday without having any bitter memories of past. I salute the spirit of everyone who still waits for Monday like never before with it skyrocketing hopes!!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sachin Tendulker :BHARAT RATNA

May be it is time to be overjoyed for all cricket lovers,who considered Sachin Ramesh Tendulker  as 'GOD' but at the same time for all persons belonging to other sports are in the state of jeopardy.The most prestigious & greatest honor of the country to be given to any civilian "BHARAT RATNA" is opening its field to consider sports personality too. Initially  this award is limited to persons belongs to Arts,Science,Literature & public fields but now cabinet ministry has taken approval to consider sports too by making some amendments in constitution.
For an Indian, sports can  only be synchronized with cricket and government has planned to consider the name of Sachin Tendulker for highest civilian award in field of sport. It makes Sachin himself proud as well as his fans present over the globe who worship him as 'GOD OF CRICKET' 

Sports is field of Records and some one has rightly said "Records are meant to be broken".No doubt Sachin has earned number of record during his life & still his hunger of records doesn't have a full stop.He is the leading run-scorer and century maker in Test and One day international He is the first male player to score a double century in ODI cricket.Tendulkar is the first and the only player in Test Cricket history to score fifty centuries, and the first to score fifty centuries in all international cricket combined, Presently he has 99 century combined. He has numerous record with him.

Recently ,as we all know Sehwag has hit double ton against west indies breaking Sachin's record.
BHART RATNA should be only given to those unique personality are unique in their fields, who are born once in lifetime, to a person who admired over the globe. By giving BHART RATNA ,does Indian government takes a guarantee that there will be no Sachin Tendulker in future. 

Before Sachin ,there was Kapil Dev , a world cup winning team captain a legendary man of records now Sachin has taken it's position & in future there will be some one else who will take the sachin's position makes to our country proud.

I am not against Sachin Tendulker for considering him for honor. Sachin was gem of India & will continue to be.....

I just want to express my regard to consider various other sports legendary from others fields too.It will only bigger the viod between between cricket and other sports which results into less sponsorship to others sports ultimately effects into poor performance of players in other sports.

Viswanathan anand  World champions of Indian origin game Chess. Abhinav Bindra ,ace shotter who bags gold medal during Beijing Olympic. Dhayan chand , a man of honor respected  by all hockey players over the globe. How can  we neglect that?

Are  we doing justice to consider only Sachin for a award & neglecting various other who need it first

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


14 December 2011

My brain cells have lost their ammunition to conclude whether the day went as partially spoiled or I actually spoiled it fully. Living in most spiritual country where more than half of the population awake before sunrise only to come at holy places and make sounds as high as they want to show the rest of population that they are awake. But I have to gone to virtual reality when my mom has shocked their presence in room & pointed the hand toward wall clock. IT’S SHOWING 6 AM…now everyone in my home has completed their journey to dreams so I have to go through the torture of sleep too. So first 25% part of day actually spent with my laptop. All thanks to Mr. Mark Zuckerbug!!
But this time I am the prisoner for next uncounted time to my bed. i was up with the phone ring which showing me time 3 PM, thinking of only one thing upto now many of  friends have taken their lunch & I haven’t taken breakfast yet. After coming into action rushed directly went to kitchen & become confused what should I asked for? “ A BREAKFAST” or “ A LUNCH” then I suddenly asked for FOOD simply .
Now it’s time for some socialising & made a decision to waste in  French class too.
I was home again but this time clock being kind to me shows me the time 6PM, realising me of the time of morning. IT’s time again for exercise for my stomach cells. A day without TV can’t possible. So I finally thought just to say hello to my television by pressing Red button. Being a TV,still human’s best friend mine too!! He never let go out, so I finally taken dinner in front of him
This time clock seems little bit impatient & shows me 10 pm.
It’s 2 hrs left for a new day…new beginning… hopes….
But I am the same.. with old room  old habits  old name

Monday, 12 December 2011

A self written poetry...

We are not here to attend the classes
But we made for bunk in masses
People eyed me and say   I am fool
But who cares I know I am cool
Everybody is concern about their grades
 which make them work  everyday
But why should I   because I know 
I can compete them anyway
Everyone is busy in finding their crush everyday
But why I am rushing toward one girl  since yesterday
Everybody is becoming a day older by the way
But why I am shorting my life  everyday..
Everyone is enjoying  doing their routine work day by day
But why I wanna to eloped  from my life everyday
Everyone has reaching closer to their goals everyday
But why I find myself still in midway
Here everyone wants to make  million everyday in every possible way
But why I am getting healthier day by day
Everyone is busy in pulling down the others every way
But why I didn’t find my rope anyway
Here everyone wants to become topper in their way
But why i wanna to become an engineer in my way
Here i find a new mugger everywhere
but why i realized my self a thinker anywhere
Here everyone wants the fame
but nobody is ready to take the pain
here everyone wants to become the best
then why they all  care about rest
Here everyone is sad in counting the troubles everyday
But why am I thankful to God for blessing anyway
Here everyone is putting off limits in their way
But why am I am not stop dreaming in the day
Here everyone comes for winning
But I know how to cherish in my loosing