Sunday, 22 December 2013

People call it CLUB, I call it FAMILY

Hey Blogdosts

I know, It’s been a huge time since I last posted a blog, but IBS Hyderabad doesn’t really give me time to pursue it anymore, or should I say, I was never felt about writing since I landed in the City of Nizam.

Life in MBA is like being SUN & MOON at the same time, it doesn’t give you time even to pee, still being a lazy brat I had managed somehow to live here.  Before I joined here, I don’t have any idea what  really I want to do with my remaining fifty years of life, But one thing I was really sure of that, I do born with DNA of capital market. I really don’t know whether I am really good in it or not but when rest of children were watching Cartoon Network, I was forced to sit in front of CNBC by my father because he wants to see it. Although I never understood what they blabbered in English during that of point of time but it was always discussion of night during my childhood.
Somehow during that time, if market rallies, we could really demand of Ice-creams & if market falls, it was dinner is only thing we can expect. So I brought up with only knowledge, on which day I along with siblings can ask for Ice creams.

Being an IBS student isn’t really luxury but being a part of Virddhi is really something special. Here I found people whose DNA also contains capital Market. So, in biological terms, if your DNA matches with some other, you are family.

So, it’s my new family now called Virddhi family, here I get know it’s not only about asking Ice creams in the night. It’s really something different from it. 

Words will be crime to describe my new family.  But today I had learnt one thing from one of the brightest member of family Saurabh Prabhu , “ In kalyag, Everything things needs to have a face value” . Probably advice of his I am gonna carry for lifelong & writing all this for every member of it.

So, let me introduce you all with few members of family. Let me start with Existing Senior people of the family

Subrat Sahoo
Zero Day Placement, JPMC.  What else you need to know. This is the kind of person you always want to be, 9+ pointers, Plays cricket, True Vriddhite. Even he had of hobby of calling juniors in the night discussing Philosophical matter with them . Every investor fails to interpret the momentum of his stock & even shock to see huge rally in him always every moment.

Probably a value stock of Virddhi, kind of knowledge he has, sometime forced me to think he must know all these things from his last birth. Calm Personality, a person doesn’t believe in knowledge sharing, he is kind of person, who makes you gather all the knowledge on your own without even letting you know. I still confuse how he does that.  Salute for making me work on Inflation & Abenomics, which I easily could get it from you.

Abhishek Shah                          
Another JPMC placed personality, a person from different planet. A kind of stock which no one could ever predict the move he makes. He is a Time Machine of Virddhi, which accurately predict the price levels of stocks. Chilled out person of club, handles everything like cake-walk.

The list continues with


its only person which I found it overqualified for this place. He should be somewhere in RBI. Knowledge, the person has about monetary policies, No one can beat that person for sure & the confidence his key to success. Whether it’s Derivatives or Currency, his analysis matters a lot. Another Best quality of that person is, he can leave any meeting in between without letting any other know.

There are many great names in the list & everything has something special about them, Shreya ( Negative Day Placement), Mohit ( A live Fundamental Analyst),  Anurag Mantri ( Technical Expert), Sahil ( Marketing can’t be done without you), varhsa( ICRA girl),Mithun ( just one word Stock Expert)

List continues……………..

Now coming to juniors (Small cap Today, Blue chips  Tomorrow)
Saurabh Prabhu
A mumbaikar guy, for whom analyzing the stock is as easy as changing clothes for us. I don’t know his Mantra & but People call it ‘Extra Power’. Above all, what I think ,He is genuine stock which has given consistent returns in the past.  And I will admire your words whatever you said to me today & tries to improvise that & also your advice matters me & keep throwing it.

 He is an Eagle eye of virddhi, the way he looks the stock or sector , no one can imagine that. Please help us in that BRO.  A real Virddhite is another adjective for him.


A Homely gal, some people even call it ‘’DIDI’’, a good singer, who loves to get clicked & off course I will not write that you like food the most.  It’s only gal, to whom we can say ECONOMICS runs into your Blood.


He is best stock-picker, we can ever have!  I don’t know how you do that but dude I really admire your art & gives due importance to every stock, Whether it’s Aurobindo pharma or SREI infra or any other!


Emotional character of family & is best in handling everything so smoothly no one even can think of.  Hard work is really not a word for him, off course he just do something more than that.

Even here also list continues

Pooja ( who always remind me to speak slow), Gattu ( a true friend & die hard virddhite), Sunay ( Charming Boy of club), Drishika ( people call it Daru), Ankur ( Ajanta pharma zindabad) ,Anumeha ( Two-club girl), Anurag ( Hard Worker), Vignesh ( 9 pointer) , Trisha ( A multi bagger  talent), Neha ( Expert's Advice) , Vishesh ( Admire your listening skills), Vishnu( please Don’t speak Hindi in front of any gal), Prince ( Macro- stock) ,Nitish (Talented person), Laksh ( Chilled person of club), Nivetha ( Multi talented),Aditya ( Dedication is the word for you)

A person who really read this script in midnight & encourage me post it & also make me realize I does lot  of grammatical errors while writing. Thanks for that! Thums up!

As this script already crossed 1000 words, I wanna end up saying that For anyone to whom Vriddhi matters, matters me a lot!