Tuesday, 17 January 2012

T-20: India’s Test matches!!

Hey blogdosts

After long uncounted hours, I am here again to connect myself to all of you. Never mind, I am back!

Talking about, what I did in past’s time….Naaah… Nothing much!! Just screwing myself in exams!!

I don’t exactly remember when I left the examination hall with a smile on my face…

Recently, I came across the increasing popularity of India’s cricket Team. India has innovated T-20 format in Test match which gives the result in just three days instead of waiting for long 5 days .Isn't it great ?? ALL THANKS TO INDIAN CRICKET TEAM!

Just forgot about Sachin’s 100th ton, but hope for at least they could survive all 5 days in coming test starting from 24th jan.

For seven months, the bunch of 11 players who represent the nation are putting us down from last seven consecutive test matches. Asking for a reason from Team, gave the excuse of Bad form of key players.

Does the era of Indian cricket Team has ended , does India lacks fresh talent or do  we have something or someone else to blame !!

Letz hope India should brake his fast toward victory and gave a NEW YEAR present by winning last test match to all of Indians.

It’s enough for today as I have to prepare for xams too…will come soooon!!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Girl! Female!! Women!!!

The most admirable , praise able  & most importantly unpredictable creature of GOD who can turns anyone's life into blissful hell.

Everyone of us must have lucky experience to encounter with this social animal & few of them might have some bizzard experiences too of this almighty creature.

Unmatched Indian women proves her excellency in this field too.Science claims women have marginally less brain as compared to men, i doubt it because as the only creature in the world who can dares to fight for a logical thing in  illogical matter & also won the argument too....Hats off indian women!!!

Some studies proves that Indian men can handle job pressure &  can eaisly survive through huge finance burden  as compared to any other men over the globe. Reason behind this,,or advantage Indian men of tolerating experiences of tolerating Indian women is much more stressful than any other task.All thanks to Indian women who makes us capable of handling such huge recessions.

Jokes apart, not only us but the whole world is proud of Indian women. We can find lots of examples starting Kalpana chawla, Pratabhia patil, Aishwary rai.........there are many more in this uncountable list !!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Finally, Wait is over for the New Year 2012. Till now every part of globe has experienced change in date in their mobiles. Many of us cheered the 2011 but some have bitter experiences too, never mind life is not a bed of roses, the only thing matter is 2011 was the past.

The experiences 0F 20 New Year eves till of now, I can confidently argue that nothing has changed in all these 20 years we just keep on replacing the digits this time figure 2011 teminated by 2012.

Time doesn’t stop for anyone; I am too suffered by the agents of change. But one thing that time can’t steal from me is   memories of 2011.

Starting from January, A new year 2011 comes with lost hopes I was newly adopted member of betrayed lovers community, then  I have taken a resolution to do something & successfully ended this year by doing nothing ( what else I can do.. when I don’t know what I want to do ..)

Coming to the February & March, these were tiny 59 days of my life. The only thing I can recall from my rusted mind that I have debited so much money to help these poor Cineplex. Some of money was also make his way to charity   restaurants.

Finally the busiest month of April, may, June & July have been passed in doing assignments, exams & how can I forgot about the internship in MARUTI SUZUKI.
After doing my summer training there I have realized engineering is not my kind of beer, bcoz I like Vodka …. (….there is nothing to be amazed: P) after meeting some smart corporate ladies  there, I can smell my vodka from them & finally take a decison to make my carrier in  Masters in Business Administration. Then I came across one thing every man’s life is dominated by three WWW, one is Women, other is Wine & last one Wealth. I too was dominated by first ‘W’ at that time. The vodka corporate woman doesn’t know how her innocent looks changed my life by diverting my ambitions from engineering to business. (For all who doesn’t about my education I want to tell that I am screwing my life in mechanical engineering). At last I ended up this month with keeping an eye of big corporate personalities & their luxuries life styles too.

Coming to the memorable month of August , I have start Bogging  with no more viewers and Zer0 followers but never mind now you all here for boosting me.

In the month of September, I got promotion from betrayed lover community to the search love community. Finally came across a old vague crush (I hope someone has got the hint of her self: P ). .Now crushes got color of friendship.

The only month I wanna to eliminate from my life is 0ctober 2011 due some of  unwanted happenings.

Coming to chilly nights of November & December I remained myself busy in counting sleepless hours of night. Sometime it were for you ( my viewers…), sometime it was my novel , some time it was Tom cruise .

ON 31st December, I have welcomed this day with a Exam, I don’t know how I gave my exam but now it doesn’t matter. It was a past..

Finally new year is here with same set of people of with their same egoistic mindsets…(I am talking about you; my Enemies…)
But I wanna to wish you too…A happy New Year & wish to remain my enemies this year too.For all those who make the wrong perception after reading this line & I want to make them clear that without enemies you can’t enjoy the friendship. So thank you to all my friends & well wishers also my viewers ,I hope coming 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours & 52500 minutes will be special for all.

At last one last question I wanna to ask from every single viewer
So did we really land upon a New year or we just replaced the digits !