Saturday, 7 January 2012

Girl! Female!! Women!!!

The most admirable , praise able  & most importantly unpredictable creature of GOD who can turns anyone's life into blissful hell.

Everyone of us must have lucky experience to encounter with this social animal & few of them might have some bizzard experiences too of this almighty creature.

Unmatched Indian women proves her excellency in this field too.Science claims women have marginally less brain as compared to men, i doubt it because as the only creature in the world who can dares to fight for a logical thing in  illogical matter & also won the argument too....Hats off indian women!!!

Some studies proves that Indian men can handle job pressure &  can eaisly survive through huge finance burden  as compared to any other men over the globe. Reason behind this,,or advantage Indian men of tolerating experiences of tolerating Indian women is much more stressful than any other task.All thanks to Indian women who makes us capable of handling such huge recessions.

Jokes apart, not only us but the whole world is proud of Indian women. We can find lots of examples starting Kalpana chawla, Pratabhia patil, Aishwary rai.........there are many more in this uncountable list !!!

And one more thing , It's a really nice experience to blog in crowd packed of 100+ people looking like molecules with high density compartment of Indian railways.Also i have changed the name of blog from search is on to Destiny and Luck!!because as of right now i hardly see any of lucky destination in my journey towards my destiny
  Anyways we have entered to the first Saturday of the year coming to end of new year weekend.From tomorrow onwards repetition of cycle starts from Sunday from which our new year  has started.Also welcome to last year of life 2012 as  predicated  by some of the cynic astrologers!!!!

Party hard!!!

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