Sunday, 22 December 2013

People call it CLUB, I call it FAMILY

Hey Blogdosts

I know, It’s been a huge time since I last posted a blog, but IBS Hyderabad doesn’t really give me time to pursue it anymore, or should I say, I was never felt about writing since I landed in the City of Nizam.

Life in MBA is like being SUN & MOON at the same time, it doesn’t give you time even to pee, still being a lazy brat I had managed somehow to live here.  Before I joined here, I don’t have any idea what  really I want to do with my remaining fifty years of life, But one thing I was really sure of that, I do born with DNA of capital market. I really don’t know whether I am really good in it or not but when rest of children were watching Cartoon Network, I was forced to sit in front of CNBC by my father because he wants to see it. Although I never understood what they blabbered in English during that of point of time but it was always discussion of night during my childhood.
Somehow during that time, if market rallies, we could really demand of Ice-creams & if market falls, it was dinner is only thing we can expect. So I brought up with only knowledge, on which day I along with siblings can ask for Ice creams.

Being an IBS student isn’t really luxury but being a part of Virddhi is really something special. Here I found people whose DNA also contains capital Market. So, in biological terms, if your DNA matches with some other, you are family.

So, it’s my new family now called Virddhi family, here I get know it’s not only about asking Ice creams in the night. It’s really something different from it. 

Words will be crime to describe my new family.  But today I had learnt one thing from one of the brightest member of family Saurabh Prabhu , “ In kalyag, Everything things needs to have a face value” . Probably advice of his I am gonna carry for lifelong & writing all this for every member of it.

So, let me introduce you all with few members of family. Let me start with Existing Senior people of the family

Subrat Sahoo
Zero Day Placement, JPMC.  What else you need to know. This is the kind of person you always want to be, 9+ pointers, Plays cricket, True Vriddhite. Even he had of hobby of calling juniors in the night discussing Philosophical matter with them . Every investor fails to interpret the momentum of his stock & even shock to see huge rally in him always every moment.

Probably a value stock of Virddhi, kind of knowledge he has, sometime forced me to think he must know all these things from his last birth. Calm Personality, a person doesn’t believe in knowledge sharing, he is kind of person, who makes you gather all the knowledge on your own without even letting you know. I still confuse how he does that.  Salute for making me work on Inflation & Abenomics, which I easily could get it from you.

Abhishek Shah                          
Another JPMC placed personality, a person from different planet. A kind of stock which no one could ever predict the move he makes. He is a Time Machine of Virddhi, which accurately predict the price levels of stocks. Chilled out person of club, handles everything like cake-walk.

The list continues with


its only person which I found it overqualified for this place. He should be somewhere in RBI. Knowledge, the person has about monetary policies, No one can beat that person for sure & the confidence his key to success. Whether it’s Derivatives or Currency, his analysis matters a lot. Another Best quality of that person is, he can leave any meeting in between without letting any other know.

There are many great names in the list & everything has something special about them, Shreya ( Negative Day Placement), Mohit ( A live Fundamental Analyst),  Anurag Mantri ( Technical Expert), Sahil ( Marketing can’t be done without you), varhsa( ICRA girl),Mithun ( just one word Stock Expert)

List continues……………..

Now coming to juniors (Small cap Today, Blue chips  Tomorrow)
Saurabh Prabhu
A mumbaikar guy, for whom analyzing the stock is as easy as changing clothes for us. I don’t know his Mantra & but People call it ‘Extra Power’. Above all, what I think ,He is genuine stock which has given consistent returns in the past.  And I will admire your words whatever you said to me today & tries to improvise that & also your advice matters me & keep throwing it.

 He is an Eagle eye of virddhi, the way he looks the stock or sector , no one can imagine that. Please help us in that BRO.  A real Virddhite is another adjective for him.


A Homely gal, some people even call it ‘’DIDI’’, a good singer, who loves to get clicked & off course I will not write that you like food the most.  It’s only gal, to whom we can say ECONOMICS runs into your Blood.


He is best stock-picker, we can ever have!  I don’t know how you do that but dude I really admire your art & gives due importance to every stock, Whether it’s Aurobindo pharma or SREI infra or any other!


Emotional character of family & is best in handling everything so smoothly no one even can think of.  Hard work is really not a word for him, off course he just do something more than that.

Even here also list continues

Pooja ( who always remind me to speak slow), Gattu ( a true friend & die hard virddhite), Sunay ( Charming Boy of club), Drishika ( people call it Daru), Ankur ( Ajanta pharma zindabad) ,Anumeha ( Two-club girl), Anurag ( Hard Worker), Vignesh ( 9 pointer) , Trisha ( A multi bagger  talent), Neha ( Expert's Advice) , Vishesh ( Admire your listening skills), Vishnu( please Don’t speak Hindi in front of any gal), Prince ( Macro- stock) ,Nitish (Talented person), Laksh ( Chilled person of club), Nivetha ( Multi talented),Aditya ( Dedication is the word for you)

A person who really read this script in midnight & encourage me post it & also make me realize I does lot  of grammatical errors while writing. Thanks for that! Thums up!

As this script already crossed 1000 words, I wanna end up saying that For anyone to whom Vriddhi matters, matters me a lot!

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hyderabad: A Crowded Paradise

It’s been sixteen days that I have successively passed in the city, which is 1100 miles away from my home land.

For you it might be just sixteen revolution of earth around the sun, but for me it’s like I have born 16th time, every time with new desire, new challenges & with some new pretty faces. I haven’t thought of such thing that gonna happen to me but now it’s like I belong to Hyderabad now. It’s like every day we born for different purpose here.
It was my first visit to the “city of nawabs” & now I am attached to it. Here I have felt that 24hrs is too short to live a whole day. You have so much to do; parties’ with new friends, attending classes, photography, playing badminton, enjoying movies and list goes on. Here you have to cut short your sleep in order to live a lively life every day.
It’s was all about Hyderabad, but it’s not the reason I am writing this blog & thing which forces me to write is my PAST.

29TH JUNE, 2013
I was having moment of my life, after class parties, hanging out with my friends & coming late at nights. But that day was different, I was putting some important dossiers back to my bag , then I found some torn papers , firstly appeared like some bills , which make curious what I have bought so preciously that I have put it my bag for so long. So I carefully handled the torn the paper & tries to analyze what it is!!


It was two movie tickets of Cineplex in Gurgaon, dated 4th march. Everything was going just fine into my life until I analyzed the torn papers, which I might not know what they are doing inside.  For anyone, it could be movie tickets but it really shocked my life for a second & these two tickets showed me the landscape view of what had happened with me on 4th march (a day that can’t erased from my memory) in a second. I was silent, not aware of what to do, just glaring the walls continuously & aimlessly.
I was amazed by full stop given by life in the middle of so called none less than perfect life that I always dreamt of living. Those two tickets have no worth to anyone, but it still had enough force to drag me to my past which I was forgotten. It reminds me of person who never forgets to remind me a good morning every sunny day in my past. It was about her.
It was tickets of last movie that we have seen together on our last meeting.

It was like I am standing at the same place at gurgaon, forcing myself to think everything will be all right, believing nothing had happened! But destiny already clean bowled my luck way before I thought. It was just 4th March that destiny chose to raise the finger to give me directions for going back to pavilion.
It’s almost 4 months that I haven’t seen her and I still haven’t taken my stand on this! I am just avoiding it, will avoid it for forever. I don’t want to accuse her for going way without a reason. Sometime there could be reason too for not giving a reason. Because there is nothing right or wrong happens in life, it happens because it was bound to happen. It was just like we both chose our life against each other. One thing that no one can ever steal is ‘memories’ of all wired things we did together. 
If it was the failed relationship that gave me so much of happiness, imagine what comes along with the real package!!!
Now , coming back to Hyderabad - a life , where no one wanna miss single second to be their life to be a part of it. Will post next blog soon………

Keep Checking…J J

Saturday, 23 March 2013


My grey cells have already lost their battle against veins of my heart in coming to the conclusion, Am I really addicted to her or is it just chemical imbalance in my mind!

February 8, 2013
Rumors of love were on everyone’s minds! Everyone wants to change their relationship status before 14th February. Being a non-believer of love & hatred of relationship, I was accompanying my friend who recently had broke up on that day. I dunno know what I was doing there, but friends always used to call me whenever they had broken up with their current girl friends.
He was crying & begging her to come back into her life over phone.
I was just wondering, Today is just a same day like rest of the year while some of the people are busy with their girlfriends &  some of them are crying for their girl-friends. And I was enjoying free VODKA shots in gurgaon.

Rohit- Why does she do this to me? I would do anything to be with her again! Tell me Ajay, WHY?
Me- (With same set of break-up dialogues)
        Look Rohit, Everything happens for the purpose of good! Don’t think it as Break-up, Take it as a     lesson.  Even Divya was not the right girl for you my friend. There must be some good fortune of your’s that she isn’t more to ruin your remaining life. May be it’s time for new girl to enter your life.
Rohit- Hmmm (with a sip of vodka…)
Me- And have you ever look at her butt carefully, seems like flat watermelon even without the partition!
  (We both giggles & Finally Divya’s story was coming to end slowly , to distract his attention , I shifted the topic )

Me- why don’t you try on Pooja, even she is interesting in you. Chances are higher, Might be you could get your new girl friend by valentine.
Rohit- Misson Pooja!!!  Pooja going to be my next girlfriend!
She was already into my priority list in case I have ever lost my interest in Divya ever in future. But I can’t be with Divya anymore. It’s the right time to strike the iron.
Me- Ok bro, I think I should leave! 
Rohit- Thanks for Today!
Me- Thanks for the VODKA!  If you gonna offer me Vodka every time you had a break-up! , I would wish you do have it every Sunday.
Rohit- fuck off!
Finally we stepped out of the bar. He straight went to his BMW.               He dropped me to MG road; from there I can get easily Auto-rickshaw.

It was 11 pm & I was at MG road waiting for an appropriate costing Auto-rickshaw. I had already refused to 10 auto-rickshaws because they were out of my limited budget of 50 rupee note in my pocket.
Finally, I found an auto that would drop me to Sector-17 in exactly in my budget.  As I was stepping inside the Auto, I heard the very delicious voice.
Can we share this Auto?
A mesmerizing voice was coming from the back; I turned back just to check out the source of sound!
There was simply awesome fair girl with I-phone in the hand was standing beside me!
I can still recall the charm, she was wearing that day. It might be because of her over-branding clothes & the premium accessories but she had the persona that I never felt before!
Words would be the crime, if I describe the beauty. She is the best looking girl that I have ever seen till now.
She came closer to me & said –“Actually, my car has broken down & it’s not safe to travel for me alone. Can you please the share this Auto with me!  I will pay the full fare, only thing you need to do is accompany me till sector-17!”

For me, it was like getting another pizza free of cost only because I have asked them for extra sauce!
I just nodded without saying a single word!
Finally I stepped inside the auto & she followed me the same way. We were hardly seated in an inch gap. I can feel her presence, her aroma, her breaths & her hand moments! It was the first time that I have ever felt like this way. This feeling was different & just wanting Time to pause for a lifetime; But Auto was pacing on maximum speed as there was hardly traffic during that time.

I didn’t dare to speak a single word. Her presence was making me numb; I was just adding ever single second to my permanent memory database for the future.  That was time, I won’t forget.  There was sharp silence in auto apart from the romantic engine sound coming from it. Yes, even that engine sound seemed  romantic at that time.
Finally, she broke out the silence I am Ayesha!
I am Ajay with stammering sound! (I don’t know why the hell I can’t control my voice, when I needed it most)
Ayesha- so, the girl didn’t agreed to your proposal on this very romantic propose day! At least, your zoomed face telling me the same.
I didn’t speak a word but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Before I could answer, She continued further & I thought better not to interrupt the delicious voice.
Ayesha- chill Ajay, Acc. To current census there are 15 million girls   out there from our age group in India.  It shouldn’t annoy you, when you got rejected by one of those 15 million girls. You still have chance left on rest of it.
I was smiling not for her’s move of convincing me of the thing, that I didn’t believed in. But for the reason she was talking to me. She had just added 73 beautiful words that were coming from her lips, a beautiful voice. Her moment of lips reminds me of best fantasy girl, that I ever thought !
Soon, I started the deceleration from Auto; it was sector-17, which we both need to step out. But I decided not to leave the auto.
Finally, Auto has come to rest position, Ayesha stepped out & gave 100 INR to auto-driver & asked him to take me further & adjust the remaining amount in the fare.
Ayesha- Thank you!  For allowing me sit beside you, making me comfortable & accompanying me safely.
                Take care!!
Me- (with all the courage, that I had ; I only managed to say couple of words)
     I hadn’t proposed her yet!
She smiled, wished me good luck!
How prettier it looks, when target itself is wishing you good luck!

Finally she left this way!
Alas, I could bribe rest of my life to GOD, for giving me this half an hour again! I didn’t regret the moment that she isn’t with me anymore! It’s time cherish my whole life that she was with me for half an hour!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Gurgaon: Dreams Turned into Reality

Ayesha has re-entered in my life!
Now we are again connected through whatsapp, face book & Twitter! .
After two months of trauma that I had, now even things were trying  back to be normal.
Two things, which are even same as before i.e. first she is listening to me & second I am talking to her over phone every time! Things were changing so fast between us, making me feel more tensed! Doesn't know what gonna happen in future !
It must be mine bad luck that things went pretty wrong before but destiny has shown his light today.

3rd March, 2013
Finally she invited me to meet in her new city –GURGAON!

Date Decided-4th March

Time- Maximum time that I can spend (Actually she has taken off from her office)

Location Settled – Confirmed many times!

Plans were reassured as long as we can discuss it over phone!

This was the day I wanted, to pass it quickly!

4th March, 2013 (Only DAY of my life, whose waiting could be synchronized with suffering)
As clock strikes 12, I was hell excited that Instead of setting an ALARM I put up the COUNTDOWN  TIMER of 5 hrs, because I have to wake up early . Even though countdown time was running, I still checked it in every 5 minutes in order to make sure my mobile shouldn’t run out of battery.

I was awake at sharp 4-55 am, ahead of time schedule!
I didn’t want Luck to interfere with my any of the schedule!  Then I simply put off my Timer!
It was time to get ready & finally I reached the desired location at sharp 10-30!
And it was Time to smile, it was time to cheer, it was time which makes me numb for almost a minute! Finally I saw her with every corner from my eye, she was waiting for me! It was the first time; she did wait for me because earlier it was used to be my task to do so!
She was looking so different today making me feels uncomfortable about my looks!  (How can she do it to me, I was perfect too!)
Finally we entered the movie hall as decided & enjoyed the worst movie of mine till now! But never mind, sometimes it’s a company who makes you to feel good not the movie!

After that great meal, we talked so much that even Sun was changing its direction towards west! I was wondering how much I waited for this special day & why the day is ditching me …by taking the sun away so fast!
Atlast it was time to listen the GOOD BYE from her, but I didn’t responded! And she was gone & leaving me behind into her memories
Memories of today or plans for future …I still couldn’t figure out ………………….

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Escapism From love ♥

Welcome to the world of Escapism, Where everyone is escaping, some are escaping from situations while others are wanted to escape from the persons.

Since inception, we always tried to escape from time, fear & lot of unpleasant things. . Every action of our, is just an escape from some other action.
Closing your eyes isn’t going to change anything, Nothing gonna disappear just because you don’t wanna see it. In fact, Things will be even worse the next time you open your eyes. Only a coward closes his eyes thinking he might be able to escape from the problem. Closing your eyes & plugging up your ears won’t make Time either to stand still or pass it quickly.
The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it!!
As the dictionary defines it, “Escapism – Diversion from reality” or can be inferred as doing lot of unpleasant things which gives you distraction from doing pleasant things.

In a usual habit of escaping, even we had also started to escape from the things we like, from the person we want to hang around even from the love!

Everyone needs to escape sometimes, retreating into somebody else life is just as nearly living like a beggar because you don’t wanna be king anymore!!