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My grey cells have already lost their battle against veins of my heart in coming to the conclusion, Am I really addicted to her or is it just chemical imbalance in my mind!

February 8, 2013
Rumors of love were on everyone’s minds! Everyone wants to change their relationship status before 14th February. Being a non-believer of love & hatred of relationship, I was accompanying my friend who recently had broke up on that day. I dunno know what I was doing there, but friends always used to call me whenever they had broken up with their current girl friends.
He was crying & begging her to come back into her life over phone.
I was just wondering, Today is just a same day like rest of the year while some of the people are busy with their girlfriends &  some of them are crying for their girl-friends. And I was enjoying free VODKA shots in gurgaon.

Rohit- Why does she do this to me? I would do anything to be with her again! Tell me Ajay, WHY?
Me- (With same set of break-up dialogues)
        Look Rohit, Everything happens for the purpose of good! Don’t think it as Break-up, Take it as a     lesson.  Even Divya was not the right girl for you my friend. There must be some good fortune of your’s that she isn’t more to ruin your remaining life. May be it’s time for new girl to enter your life.
Rohit- Hmmm (with a sip of vodka…)
Me- And have you ever look at her butt carefully, seems like flat watermelon even without the partition!
  (We both giggles & Finally Divya’s story was coming to end slowly , to distract his attention , I shifted the topic )

Me- why don’t you try on Pooja, even she is interesting in you. Chances are higher, Might be you could get your new girl friend by valentine.
Rohit- Misson Pooja!!!  Pooja going to be my next girlfriend!
She was already into my priority list in case I have ever lost my interest in Divya ever in future. But I can’t be with Divya anymore. It’s the right time to strike the iron.
Me- Ok bro, I think I should leave! 
Rohit- Thanks for Today!
Me- Thanks for the VODKA!  If you gonna offer me Vodka every time you had a break-up! , I would wish you do have it every Sunday.
Rohit- fuck off!
Finally we stepped out of the bar. He straight went to his BMW.               He dropped me to MG road; from there I can get easily Auto-rickshaw.

It was 11 pm & I was at MG road waiting for an appropriate costing Auto-rickshaw. I had already refused to 10 auto-rickshaws because they were out of my limited budget of 50 rupee note in my pocket.
Finally, I found an auto that would drop me to Sector-17 in exactly in my budget.  As I was stepping inside the Auto, I heard the very delicious voice.
Can we share this Auto?
A mesmerizing voice was coming from the back; I turned back just to check out the source of sound!
There was simply awesome fair girl with I-phone in the hand was standing beside me!
I can still recall the charm, she was wearing that day. It might be because of her over-branding clothes & the premium accessories but she had the persona that I never felt before!
Words would be the crime, if I describe the beauty. She is the best looking girl that I have ever seen till now.
She came closer to me & said –“Actually, my car has broken down & it’s not safe to travel for me alone. Can you please the share this Auto with me!  I will pay the full fare, only thing you need to do is accompany me till sector-17!”

For me, it was like getting another pizza free of cost only because I have asked them for extra sauce!
I just nodded without saying a single word!
Finally I stepped inside the auto & she followed me the same way. We were hardly seated in an inch gap. I can feel her presence, her aroma, her breaths & her hand moments! It was the first time that I have ever felt like this way. This feeling was different & just wanting Time to pause for a lifetime; But Auto was pacing on maximum speed as there was hardly traffic during that time.

I didn’t dare to speak a single word. Her presence was making me numb; I was just adding ever single second to my permanent memory database for the future.  That was time, I won’t forget.  There was sharp silence in auto apart from the romantic engine sound coming from it. Yes, even that engine sound seemed  romantic at that time.
Finally, she broke out the silence I am Ayesha!
I am Ajay with stammering sound! (I don’t know why the hell I can’t control my voice, when I needed it most)
Ayesha- so, the girl didn’t agreed to your proposal on this very romantic propose day! At least, your zoomed face telling me the same.
I didn’t speak a word but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Before I could answer, She continued further & I thought better not to interrupt the delicious voice.
Ayesha- chill Ajay, Acc. To current census there are 15 million girls   out there from our age group in India.  It shouldn’t annoy you, when you got rejected by one of those 15 million girls. You still have chance left on rest of it.
I was smiling not for her’s move of convincing me of the thing, that I didn’t believed in. But for the reason she was talking to me. She had just added 73 beautiful words that were coming from her lips, a beautiful voice. Her moment of lips reminds me of best fantasy girl, that I ever thought !
Soon, I started the deceleration from Auto; it was sector-17, which we both need to step out. But I decided not to leave the auto.
Finally, Auto has come to rest position, Ayesha stepped out & gave 100 INR to auto-driver & asked him to take me further & adjust the remaining amount in the fare.
Ayesha- Thank you!  For allowing me sit beside you, making me comfortable & accompanying me safely.
                Take care!!
Me- (with all the courage, that I had ; I only managed to say couple of words)
     I hadn’t proposed her yet!
She smiled, wished me good luck!
How prettier it looks, when target itself is wishing you good luck!

Finally she left this way!
Alas, I could bribe rest of my life to GOD, for giving me this half an hour again! I didn’t regret the moment that she isn’t with me anymore! It’s time cherish my whole life that she was with me for half an hour!

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