Saturday, 3 March 2012

Yesterday: Another simple day with twinkling effects*

A day which jumped too early for me like any other day  at sharp 12:00 AM, when most of the human genes are dreaming on their respective couches while some are hardly employing on their dreams for the production of new genes. Here my destiny crosses all the limits of bounded luck which asks my phone to BEEP…, yes it was a message of APPROVAL. Finally I was meeting her almost after half decade & I was ready with her vague look & dwindling appearance in my mind & having many questions. How does she look, will she be same girl who used to so calm, innocent & generous. What happens if she has changed herself into typical egotist Delhi girl?

No matter, what it will be...the thing which seems to important to me & concerning me finally I will meet her, may be for the last time for the rest of the life…

Always in case of girl, something on yours side may not be same on another side too……..

A meeting for me was seems rumor to her, It was just like she will accompany me for the way coming back to home or I will accompany her. I don’t know what exactly it is?

My next move was to synchronize my fast moving time with her, just quickly go through GOOGLE MAP! & found the shortest route possible from my side to hers. Finally, we decided the time & venue.

So, it was total 90 min journey, for her accompany was the motive & mine task was meeting.

A day which flew in enumerable hours finally reached on time where I met her 30 minutes prior to the schedule at Pratap nagar, metro station. She was looking as simple as anyone can but still no one wants to miss charm she wears. I was about to ask which cream she used in last 5 years as she looks exactly the same when I last saw her, yet I avoided. Her looks made me forgot how badly I screwed up in first ever MOCK CAT of my life in the morning.ohh!! Actually that was reason I have come to Delhi for my Test. This time destiny was on a task to prove my luck wrong again that I can good at guessing the answers.

My whole tension was just flushed now she was LADY OF ATTENTION.
So she was coming by side with a heavy looking bag, I asked her to give me the bag but she denied & I said to my self ‘THANKS GOD from avoiding the burden of unidentified objects’.

And how I can forgot to give thanks INDIAN RAILWAYS for the incredible contribution towards my meeting, which stretched 90 min journey to over a 120 min. Finally talks initiated once we inside the Train from past to present. I don’t know what I have spoken at that time but I enjoyed enormously.

Today, I also  met with MISS Microsoft, which will be remain in the memory for always & remain as inspiring figure for future.Definetly gonna post  experience soon after confirming  female protagonist!