Monday, 2 July 2012

TEAM ANNA @ Rohtak


 A day which comes with the alarm clock asking us to awake with only half days left of a year. We had successfully completed half year.

Like any other day I was the culprit of Laziness, which doesn’t allow me to awake before 10 am. First words coming to ears were from my mother’s that Team Anna is visiting Rohtak at 2 PM. During peak summer day & peak time of day at 2 PM answer of anyone could be NO.  Who wants to ruin their time in hottest chimney of SUN outhere?

 Now I had made my mind I will attend the Team Anna meet & proudest thing was my mother also expects the same from me. Today no matters what kinda person I was in past & what will be person I will be in future but the thing that matters me most  I was proudest son of my mother at least for today.Second thing I did was forward this information to all of my friends with knowing the fact that hardly any of my friends will come.

2 pm @ meeting spot
Finally I was there on time at meeting spot & was moved to see the crowd over there.
Crowd not for the  purpose of entertainment, not for fun but for the nation. People ranging every age group were at common sight with the slogan of ‘VANDE MATARAM’
The scene was beyond my explanation when I saw 6 yr boy along with her sister were protesting along their parents when temperature was encroaching 45 degree Celsius. I felt ashamed where were I till now , where was my nation love till now
, where were my responsibility toward nation till now?

I saw the people of over sixty years of age , some of them I recognized Rich enough to live their remaining time in corruption-stricken India , still came here for a nation .  I witnessed the females having Indian flag in hand & vande mataram to lips.What a touching scene it was !!

Finally there was announcement, Arvind kejriwal could be here in no time. Arvind kejriwal ,ex-income tax officer  if wants who could lived his live comfortably with a high paid job  . A income tax officer can earn much enough even for his coming generation. But still he chose to fight for us , fight for nation .He is doing such efforts for us, left his job, left his home, ready to die for a country and Can’t we show our support to him ?
Finally he was there , to saw him, feel the presence of  him were a extraordinary feeling in itself. After entry of Arvind kejriwal , crowd was in motion again . only words which can heard at that time were “ Anna g snagarsh karo , Hum tumhare saath hain “

Full patriotic feeling among everyone, and to witness a crowd where no one is thinking about their money, their lives , their relatives only Nation was the priority was something i could never felt till now.
Then I  heard the thoughts of Arvind kejriwal along with  only my not expecting friend,one who came there .

The things said by Arvind  entered everyone’s heart. And he asked Rohtak’s people to come in numbers on 25th july at jantar mantar to show support against Government, against corruption, against govt. Lokpall bill.

Today,  Day itself forces me think what I have done for my country ?
My motive to write this was only to make you think….