Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine T@dKa

I’s quite late on my side……..but something has to be left for later enjoyment and when comes to my blog It has to be more then PERFECT.

Reason of being delay is..just waiting for right time & right feeling..when words come automatically to the mind. Here is the moment ,day after valentine!

Coming across the feeling, why one feels to love someone & to be loved more than usual comparing to valentine weekend. This is SEASON OF LOVE, which finally ended. We believe in commercialization. Also for love. Love has no definition, its feeling!!

But now it can defined too by gifting a BIG HEART SHAPE to someone & felt by getting a small heart shape in return!!!

This valentine millions of  hearts met, trillions of faces cherished. But the real money made by the GiFt shops...( Hope I could have the same!!).

Gifting the rose with a prose can’t overcome the love of APPLE!

In past weekend, everything turned RED, starting from Newspaper, magazines. markets, malls..etc have painted themselves into the colour of love. And most of the times stuck with a question why only Red is colour of  love. I have heard somewhere, love has no boundations, but I think here we bounded it with RED!!

Change is only constant thing in the universe. Love  has also got changed starting from postal letters it has jumped into facebook status!

I am in the love of loving memory whom I never met…( may be I met someone..but never saw her that side)

 Trying a poetry  again....

I met a girl like ancient times 
with a air of love & unstoppable time
blinking of her eye proves me alive
it was dream of reality getting fine
ran with roses toward the beauty
after looking through the roses 
 she gave a smile and asked
why you chosed me over the others
then there is silence in the air
i have stopped my breath liked i dumped in nowhere
then words came out and murmurred the answer
because you are my beat & i am your heart!!