Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Love -The sweet illusion ♥ ♥ ♥

Hi Blogdosts!!

Learning comes from an experience & Life is a school in which everyone fails with Dead End. Today what we are, how we behave, kinda personality we have all because of endless experience learning from limited life that we had live till of now. So, no one is God or Devil it’s all because of his past experiences. By the time you end reading it, you will be 3 minutes older from what you are now so I made the best effort to make it worth.

Sometimes life seems completely unpredictable , Firstly we ran for something , wanna achieve that thing so hard such that nothing can comparable to  that need & once we achieved it it has lost it’s value. And the hunt for new lucrative target begins. Our life seems bounded into working for priceless things & then converting into no price.
There might be a time in everyone’s life when someone wants you so badly that he doesn’t wanna miss a single second to be with you. He tried every good or bad move, intentionally or unintentionally to be with you. And once he realized that you are part of his life, suddenly he stops bothering you.

In today’s digital world, where becoming a friend is just one click away & it hardly takes 5 seconds to change relationship status.How any one can expect to find true love & Friendship?

Cigarette of Love was burnt in initial centaury  in which love was flew away in smoke leaving behind the ashes of smoke to digital centaury as a proof of it’s existence.

In the world of realistic people where love is chased as an asset and even people will invest their own love asset in you to gain their needs. We the people come as an individual & will go as an individual, trust me even we can lead it as individual.

At last ,I Believe  love is just an illusion , Some of you  might believe or some of you might not .For those who believes love is God…………..jst wanna say…Come out of the ILLUSION.