Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More than friends but less than lovers ♥

Finally, we entered into the 12th date of 12th month of 12th year of this century. And clock is too showing 12-12 am when I am about to start this post which I myself doesn't know what I am gonna write in it.

11th December, 2012
The sun was on time & shinning on his usual place. But I was on my couch, fully awaken but pretending to be sleepy under blanket with mobile in hand. I was waiting for her text, a morning wish which become a insulin for my senses to react everyday or I should say reason for me to wake up, my eyes are adamant to start to a day with her text, my ears are deeply waiting for the message tone & my hands are just hoping for the mobile to vibrate as early as possible. Time for to feel alive, message received.

(One message received)

Ayesha – Good Morning :)
Me- Good morning :) :)

I wait for message every day, just to confirm is she ok, is she all right or in short is she is living
This is how I transformed from virtual dreaming to the textual reality daily. This is how I woke up every day.
Although, college is off for preparatory leave for exams. This was the reason I was still on my bed starting a day with shinning sun in the top to the vibration in my mobile phone.
(I know, I am terribly bad shayar, still I do manage have a romantic shayari every morning only for her )

Me- “Ab karte hain naye din ke shuruwaat
         Mil jo gya tere choone ka ehsas
         Aise hee karte rehna tum mere dino ko roshan
        Tere msg ke baad hee aata hai meri aakhon mein motion “

Ayesha-  :) :)

I don’t know what kinda relation it is , but we haven’t named it as love , we haven’t fall into relationships , we haven’t promise to be a part each other’s life for forever. But we do care each other as lovers do, we do have endless talks as lovers do & we can’t stay without each other as lovers.
In short, what I can name it as ‘’More than the best friends but less than lovers.’’   If we are really soul mates then no one can part us in any way. And if we aren’t the ‘one made for each other’, any other guy could steal her from my wildest dreams. So, I dunno wanna pollute such a divine word i.e LOVE ♥. I am one woman man, so just waiting for right time.

It’s again my destiny which is overpowering my dwindling luck, completely blank for next move, now just waiting for what is pre-written in destiny rule book.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Days before love

Hi blogdosts!

Finally I am here again, to ruin your data of fast running internet .Thanks for coming here!
As you are here, so I make you sure, this post must be worth reading!

Before I initiate my post, I wanna fall you in fabricated situation of love, where you like a person & even you are sure of liking from yours partner too. You are hanging around with her, enjoying endless dates, watching movie on corner seats, recharging your mobile accounts in midnights just to say to good night to her, asking endless favors from her & Even you turned into a “Shayar” for her.

In short, you find yourself completely tuned up with her. And then your mind have train of thoughts, asks you numerous questions where avoiding one could be considered as favoritism to other. Is it one whom GOD has sent for you to write your entire life with her or is it one, whom I will forget like any chapter of life.

Then chain of questions, am I too victim of love or am I really enjoying my bachelorhood like others?

Do I really like her or Am I like any other jerk?

Do I really have feelings for her or should I consider myself Stud, which can make any girl to make her around?

Should I stick on that girl or should I wait for another Best girl to be the princess of heart again?

Do I propose her or Wait to let her propose me?

These are the days before love. Where we consider ourselves as “Brainless genes” .And we are unable to take any decision.

This is the story of mine, where I find myself stuck in various things.

Days before love are the best period of life, where you enjoy the same, what other is enjoying being in love with no commitment.If I follow the conventionally theory of love then I must have listen to violin ,sound of love once I saw her but I ant’s enjoying the same.

Now, I must request scientists to invent something like love meter, where anyone can check, how much you love your partner. Even it should be able to check sustainability of it , so that we can check how long will it be carried away!!

Off course, I am living with her but how can anyone say am I living only for her?

I know I am enjoying with her but how anyone can predict my meaning of enjoyment is her?

May be I could consider this thing as love, What if tomorrow it fled away!!

Creating mess in the mind!!
When you are unable to answer some questions , it's better to left it unanswered!!

 Another Attempt to fiction!!!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Memories of Past ♥

How can I forget you,,,
How can I forgive you,,,
How can I make you smile
When you don’t talk to me even for a while
You always promised to walk with me every mile
But you weren’t there even for a smile!!!

I wish I could erase her memories from my mind but till now Almighty GOD hasn’t made any system to do so. A guilt of past which may effect my future!!

Few meetings with her, makes me one who can write about her for rest of my life.

Life has taken sharp turns till now, but still my life hasn’t moved a bit. I am still thinking about her. I am still finding my mistakes which I didn’t do in order to prove her right.
I am still finding the reason, what had happened to us!!  But nothing successful came out.

That’s the story of every young person, who fails in his first love. Even I do have the interesting story. Story of emotions , Story of love & Story of luck.

Newly graduated from school entered college now with new hopes, new desires & with new friends. Haven’t thought even I could fall into prey of love with her eyes, her charisma, her personality, her aura, her looks, her imagination; they always make me feel jittery.

Time never is the same, during that period my heart forays with my mind to prepare a strategy for first talk & finally my heart succeeded & I was ready to talk with physical beauty for the first time after 6 months of colleges had already passed.

I used to visit the cafeteria ,just to enjoy drizzling beauty of her!

So, finally day was decided, venue got the nod by my mind authority checks & was ready with plan for my first move.

Being a non-believer of astrology, numerology & Taro cards, still I have gone though all just in order to confirm that everything was going in right direction or not.

Finally making so much of preparation, taking all the good lucks from near & dear ones, visiting all the temples, gurudwars & churches near by just in order confirm my first victory over my self just for a perfect start of a talk with dazzling beauty.

Finally the day arrived, clock strikes 12 pm looks like even clock is greeting me with ‘NAMASTE’. I never felt so different that day. Reached the desired venue, Cafeteria too packed with charming smiles , Felt like happiness everywhere seems as everyone has already know about my plan & they are here only to cheer me up.

So, took a seat near by & glued my eyes to the entrance. Soon my wait gets over & pink dressed angel arrived. A look towards her makes me forget for what purpose I am here.

She looked very happy ,just promising me that my first talk could be successful. But as it was my story , how GOD can plan it so smoothly!! 

She wasn't alone this time , she was coming  along with another boy not knowing who he was? .Rumours are high ,Boy like my angel ,have a feeling for her. But i didn't pay attention to that .i was focused towards my goal .

They  entered slowly towards the cafeteria , i can watch them from my near by window. once they  stepped inside the hall..Here my destiny comes into act. Suddenly cafeteria went dark only light focusing both of them. Then boy whom i never want to enter my story becomes the antagonist of my story & perposes her ''Will you be my only & forever angel for rest of my life?'' Without thinking for second ,she said ''YES''.As she was
born for that moment only.

 i was stunned , What had happened to me!! How angel of my life  migrated to  become another's angel  
in front of me. Here again , my destiny overcomes my dwindling luck! 

What the F**k ! what the f**K!! what the f**K!!!

 At that tym i came to know , Heart doesn't had feelings , it can't love , it can't think . iT's just a medical organ which supports us to live. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Love -The sweet illusion ♥ ♥ ♥

Hi Blogdosts!!

Learning comes from an experience & Life is a school in which everyone fails with Dead End. Today what we are, how we behave, kinda personality we have all because of endless experience learning from limited life that we had live till of now. So, no one is God or Devil it’s all because of his past experiences. By the time you end reading it, you will be 3 minutes older from what you are now so I made the best effort to make it worth.

Sometimes life seems completely unpredictable , Firstly we ran for something , wanna achieve that thing so hard such that nothing can comparable to  that need & once we achieved it it has lost it’s value. And the hunt for new lucrative target begins. Our life seems bounded into working for priceless things & then converting into no price.
There might be a time in everyone’s life when someone wants you so badly that he doesn’t wanna miss a single second to be with you. He tried every good or bad move, intentionally or unintentionally to be with you. And once he realized that you are part of his life, suddenly he stops bothering you.

In today’s digital world, where becoming a friend is just one click away & it hardly takes 5 seconds to change relationship status.How any one can expect to find true love & Friendship?

Cigarette of Love was burnt in initial centaury  in which love was flew away in smoke leaving behind the ashes of smoke to digital centaury as a proof of it’s existence.

In the world of realistic people where love is chased as an asset and even people will invest their own love asset in you to gain their needs. We the people come as an individual & will go as an individual, trust me even we can lead it as individual.

At last ,I Believe  love is just an illusion , Some of you  might believe or some of you might not .For those who believes love is God…………..jst wanna say…Come out of the ILLUSION.

Monday, 2 July 2012

TEAM ANNA @ Rohtak


 A day which comes with the alarm clock asking us to awake with only half days left of a year. We had successfully completed half year.

Like any other day I was the culprit of Laziness, which doesn’t allow me to awake before 10 am. First words coming to ears were from my mother’s that Team Anna is visiting Rohtak at 2 PM. During peak summer day & peak time of day at 2 PM answer of anyone could be NO.  Who wants to ruin their time in hottest chimney of SUN outhere?

 Now I had made my mind I will attend the Team Anna meet & proudest thing was my mother also expects the same from me. Today no matters what kinda person I was in past & what will be person I will be in future but the thing that matters me most  I was proudest son of my mother at least for today.Second thing I did was forward this information to all of my friends with knowing the fact that hardly any of my friends will come.

2 pm @ meeting spot
Finally I was there on time at meeting spot & was moved to see the crowd over there.
Crowd not for the  purpose of entertainment, not for fun but for the nation. People ranging every age group were at common sight with the slogan of ‘VANDE MATARAM’
The scene was beyond my explanation when I saw 6 yr boy along with her sister were protesting along their parents when temperature was encroaching 45 degree Celsius. I felt ashamed where were I till now , where was my nation love till now
, where were my responsibility toward nation till now?

I saw the people of over sixty years of age , some of them I recognized Rich enough to live their remaining time in corruption-stricken India , still came here for a nation .  I witnessed the females having Indian flag in hand & vande mataram to lips.What a touching scene it was !!

Finally there was announcement, Arvind kejriwal could be here in no time. Arvind kejriwal ,ex-income tax officer  if wants who could lived his live comfortably with a high paid job  . A income tax officer can earn much enough even for his coming generation. But still he chose to fight for us , fight for nation .He is doing such efforts for us, left his job, left his home, ready to die for a country and Can’t we show our support to him ?
Finally he was there , to saw him, feel the presence of  him were a extraordinary feeling in itself. After entry of Arvind kejriwal , crowd was in motion again . only words which can heard at that time were “ Anna g snagarsh karo , Hum tumhare saath hain “

Full patriotic feeling among everyone, and to witness a crowd where no one is thinking about their money, their lives , their relatives only Nation was the priority was something i could never felt till now.
Then I  heard the thoughts of Arvind kejriwal along with  only my not expecting friend,one who came there .

The things said by Arvind  entered everyone’s heart. And he asked Rohtak’s people to come in numbers on 25th july at jantar mantar to show support against Government, against corruption, against govt. Lokpall bill.

Today,  Day itself forces me think what I have done for my country ?
My motive to write this was only to make you think….

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

LIFE : full of Emotion$

After so much of laziness, finally I came out from It wanna write something, still confused what to write in that ‘something’. In past a month, I came accross approximate every mood of life. Starting from Tension of exams, Pressure for interview for internship, Happiness for coming into finally ‘FINAL’ year of graduation and the thing which annoys me the most is ‘FRIENDSHIP’ from someone who even doesn’t know meaning of it & considered it to hypothetical term, HUH!!!  She could be the perfect example to one of the perfect quote “EVERYONE DOESN’T DESERVE YOUR FRIENDSHIP “

The day 12th June, on which I have successfully submitted my last exam papers & officially confirmed my entry in final year of my engineering. The happiness doesn’t end last even for a day; because next day I came to know I have a interview for my 6 weeks internship. So for this I have to prepare CV. Somehow I managed to make it with the help of GOOGLE. I checked it thrice, if it needs any editions or not. Finally the day has arrived; I took a printout of it & scanned again for any correction needed. It was looking perfect. Finally I was waiting for my turn, then person came in to asks my come in the room for the purpose for same. Then I stood up from couch & followed him with a file in my hand having perfect CV. Here destiny came into play, overpowered my dwindling Luck. I noticed TWO big mistakes in front page. One was wrong spelling, and other was wrong abbreviation.
I thought why I didn’t notice in the past. Second thing which concerned me the most why it gets noticed now when I was about to take the interview. The interview lasts for 20 minutes & went fine. Even they didn’t notice my mistake in CV. Result of interview is still awaited.

Now coming to annoying mood of that period, reason is off course her .Friendship is that precious stone, which isn’t everyone’s fate. I have pity on her for not having it & considered it to false thing. Friendship is everything in that something that can’t be described. It makes your every moment just worth living it. Today I realized one thing, instead of realizing I should say I have learnt a lesson for a life time that never lower you’re standard to have somebody’s friendship. It will always ditch you in the end.
Finally it’s over with her. HUH!! Relaxed….

Thank God for saving from such torture!!

Life BACK to normal ………………..

Sunday, 29 April 2012

one, 2 ,THREE.....

Sometime i feel like , my whole childhood completed with in a count on one, 2 , THREE...

hey blog friends!

Everything has a past , a past since its inception & future till GOD's desire.

Till now , most of us had lived one third of its life or about to complete it. In those past years, we came across numerous events, some of  which we never wanna recall or some of which we never wanna forget. Everything is past now.
A past which we gonna live again , a past which we gonna enjoy again . In this past ,we had missed so many things to get some few things ,which no one is sure about that we will get it or not.

In childhood, we had plans of becoming actor,cricketer, pilot, teacher & IAS and we just end up our childhood in   just becoming a student. A student which only knows how to study .

Just give a look at your long elasted childhood which has passed into few seconds.Time has wings of thoughts. Everything is past now. Nothing can come back to your hands Still memories can fly you there.

Most of us will not be contend with their present. we can't ever satisfied with present conditions and we  
were never satisfied by the past too, still we recall our past. No matter what the days are,what the situation is we gonna miss it in the end.

For us most of us Past gives smile & future gives tension. In the fight of smile & tension we had lost our present.  Never think of your future as in the end when your future becomes your past then also it will give you ray of smile.

You will look back on the times you laughed and you will cry. You will look back on the times you cried, and you will laugh. You will always remember close friends, and you will always keep memories of them in your heart. Life is hard, it’s tough, and it’s unfair, but everyone gets over the hurt and the pain, eventually. You always end up with a smile on your face, if you give it a chance. ♥

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Reality of Relations!!

Hii blogdosts!

Paper  is man’s only best friend, you can write anything to it. It never asks you the reason & it never ditches anyone.

In the awakening of becoming rich, we had eliminated the word ‘RELATIONS’ from our dictionary. In fast moving economy relation synchronizes itself to the money, profit & self-motives.

Usually people change after the tasting the wine of success but they don’t know or I should say they don’t wanna realize that Wine doesn’t last for forever. Even I was one of those realized the truth behind every relation when she got a little success. Why she changed to me….STILL waiting for the explanation from her.

This episode is over now & will definitely explain in detail in later posts. Moreover life is learning process, now I had learnt one thing “EVERY RELATION FUCKS YOU IN THE END”

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Yesterday: Another simple day with twinkling effects*

A day which jumped too early for me like any other day  at sharp 12:00 AM, when most of the human genes are dreaming on their respective couches while some are hardly employing on their dreams for the production of new genes. Here my destiny crosses all the limits of bounded luck which asks my phone to BEEP…, yes it was a message of APPROVAL. Finally I was meeting her almost after half decade & I was ready with her vague look & dwindling appearance in my mind & having many questions. How does she look, will she be same girl who used to so calm, innocent & generous. What happens if she has changed herself into typical egotist Delhi girl?

No matter, what it will be...the thing which seems to important to me & concerning me finally I will meet her, may be for the last time for the rest of the life…

Always in case of girl, something on yours side may not be same on another side too……..

A meeting for me was seems rumor to her, It was just like she will accompany me for the way coming back to home or I will accompany her. I don’t know what exactly it is?

My next move was to synchronize my fast moving time with her, just quickly go through GOOGLE MAP! & found the shortest route possible from my side to hers. Finally, we decided the time & venue.

So, it was total 90 min journey, for her accompany was the motive & mine task was meeting.

A day which flew in enumerable hours finally reached on time where I met her 30 minutes prior to the schedule at Pratap nagar, metro station. She was looking as simple as anyone can but still no one wants to miss charm she wears. I was about to ask which cream she used in last 5 years as she looks exactly the same when I last saw her, yet I avoided. Her looks made me forgot how badly I screwed up in first ever MOCK CAT of my life in the morning.ohh!! Actually that was reason I have come to Delhi for my Test. This time destiny was on a task to prove my luck wrong again that I can good at guessing the answers.

My whole tension was just flushed now she was LADY OF ATTENTION.
So she was coming by side with a heavy looking bag, I asked her to give me the bag but she denied & I said to my self ‘THANKS GOD from avoiding the burden of unidentified objects’.

And how I can forgot to give thanks INDIAN RAILWAYS for the incredible contribution towards my meeting, which stretched 90 min journey to over a 120 min. Finally talks initiated once we inside the Train from past to present. I don’t know what I have spoken at that time but I enjoyed enormously.

Today, I also  met with MISS Microsoft, which will be remain in the memory for always & remain as inspiring figure for future.Definetly gonna post  experience soon after confirming  female protagonist!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine T@dKa

I’s quite late on my side……..but something has to be left for later enjoyment and when comes to my blog It has to be more then PERFECT.

Reason of being delay is..just waiting for right time & right feeling..when words come automatically to the mind. Here is the moment ,day after valentine!

Coming across the feeling, why one feels to love someone & to be loved more than usual comparing to valentine weekend. This is SEASON OF LOVE, which finally ended. We believe in commercialization. Also for love. Love has no definition, its feeling!!

But now it can defined too by gifting a BIG HEART SHAPE to someone & felt by getting a small heart shape in return!!!

This valentine millions of  hearts met, trillions of faces cherished. But the real money made by the GiFt shops...( Hope I could have the same!!).

Gifting the rose with a prose can’t overcome the love of APPLE!

In past weekend, everything turned RED, starting from Newspaper, magazines. markets, malls..etc have painted themselves into the colour of love. And most of the times stuck with a question why only Red is colour of  love. I have heard somewhere, love has no boundations, but I think here we bounded it with RED!!

Change is only constant thing in the universe. Love  has also got changed starting from postal letters it has jumped into facebook status!

I am in the love of loving memory whom I never met…( may be I met someone..but never saw her that side)

 Trying a poetry  again....

I met a girl like ancient times 
with a air of love & unstoppable time
blinking of her eye proves me alive
it was dream of reality getting fine
ran with roses toward the beauty
after looking through the roses 
 she gave a smile and asked
why you chosed me over the others
then there is silence in the air
i have stopped my breath liked i dumped in nowhere
then words came out and murmurred the answer
because you are my beat & i am your heart!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

T-20: India’s Test matches!!

Hey blogdosts

After long uncounted hours, I am here again to connect myself to all of you. Never mind, I am back!

Talking about, what I did in past’s time….Naaah… Nothing much!! Just screwing myself in exams!!

I don’t exactly remember when I left the examination hall with a smile on my face…

Recently, I came across the increasing popularity of India’s cricket Team. India has innovated T-20 format in Test match which gives the result in just three days instead of waiting for long 5 days .Isn't it great ?? ALL THANKS TO INDIAN CRICKET TEAM!

Just forgot about Sachin’s 100th ton, but hope for at least they could survive all 5 days in coming test starting from 24th jan.

For seven months, the bunch of 11 players who represent the nation are putting us down from last seven consecutive test matches. Asking for a reason from Team, gave the excuse of Bad form of key players.

Does the era of Indian cricket Team has ended , does India lacks fresh talent or do  we have something or someone else to blame !!

Letz hope India should brake his fast toward victory and gave a NEW YEAR present by winning last test match to all of Indians.

It’s enough for today as I have to prepare for xams too…will come soooon!!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Girl! Female!! Women!!!

The most admirable , praise able  & most importantly unpredictable creature of GOD who can turns anyone's life into blissful hell.

Everyone of us must have lucky experience to encounter with this social animal & few of them might have some bizzard experiences too of this almighty creature.

Unmatched Indian women proves her excellency in this field too.Science claims women have marginally less brain as compared to men, i doubt it because as the only creature in the world who can dares to fight for a logical thing in  illogical matter & also won the argument too....Hats off indian women!!!

Some studies proves that Indian men can handle job pressure &  can eaisly survive through huge finance burden  as compared to any other men over the globe. Reason behind this,,or advantage Indian men of tolerating experiences of tolerating Indian women is much more stressful than any other task.All thanks to Indian women who makes us capable of handling such huge recessions.

Jokes apart, not only us but the whole world is proud of Indian women. We can find lots of examples starting Kalpana chawla, Pratabhia patil, Aishwary rai.........there are many more in this uncountable list !!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Finally, Wait is over for the New Year 2012. Till now every part of globe has experienced change in date in their mobiles. Many of us cheered the 2011 but some have bitter experiences too, never mind life is not a bed of roses, the only thing matter is 2011 was the past.

The experiences 0F 20 New Year eves till of now, I can confidently argue that nothing has changed in all these 20 years we just keep on replacing the digits this time figure 2011 teminated by 2012.

Time doesn’t stop for anyone; I am too suffered by the agents of change. But one thing that time can’t steal from me is   memories of 2011.

Starting from January, A new year 2011 comes with lost hopes I was newly adopted member of betrayed lovers community, then  I have taken a resolution to do something & successfully ended this year by doing nothing ( what else I can do.. when I don’t know what I want to do ..)

Coming to the February & March, these were tiny 59 days of my life. The only thing I can recall from my rusted mind that I have debited so much money to help these poor Cineplex. Some of money was also make his way to charity   restaurants.

Finally the busiest month of April, may, June & July have been passed in doing assignments, exams & how can I forgot about the internship in MARUTI SUZUKI.
After doing my summer training there I have realized engineering is not my kind of beer, bcoz I like Vodka …. (….there is nothing to be amazed: P) after meeting some smart corporate ladies  there, I can smell my vodka from them & finally take a decison to make my carrier in  Masters in Business Administration. Then I came across one thing every man’s life is dominated by three WWW, one is Women, other is Wine & last one Wealth. I too was dominated by first ‘W’ at that time. The vodka corporate woman doesn’t know how her innocent looks changed my life by diverting my ambitions from engineering to business. (For all who doesn’t about my education I want to tell that I am screwing my life in mechanical engineering). At last I ended up this month with keeping an eye of big corporate personalities & their luxuries life styles too.

Coming to the memorable month of August , I have start Bogging  with no more viewers and Zer0 followers but never mind now you all here for boosting me.

In the month of September, I got promotion from betrayed lover community to the search love community. Finally came across a old vague crush (I hope someone has got the hint of her self: P ). .Now crushes got color of friendship.

The only month I wanna to eliminate from my life is 0ctober 2011 due some of  unwanted happenings.

Coming to chilly nights of November & December I remained myself busy in counting sleepless hours of night. Sometime it were for you ( my viewers…), sometime it was my novel , some time it was Tom cruise .

ON 31st December, I have welcomed this day with a Exam, I don’t know how I gave my exam but now it doesn’t matter. It was a past..

Finally new year is here with same set of people of with their same egoistic mindsets…(I am talking about you; my Enemies…)
But I wanna to wish you too…A happy New Year & wish to remain my enemies this year too.For all those who make the wrong perception after reading this line & I want to make them clear that without enemies you can’t enjoy the friendship. So thank you to all my friends & well wishers also my viewers ,I hope coming 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours & 52500 minutes will be special for all.

At last one last question I wanna to ask from every single viewer
So did we really land upon a New year or we just replaced the digits !