Tuesday, 17 January 2012

T-20: India’s Test matches!!

Hey blogdosts

After long uncounted hours, I am here again to connect myself to all of you. Never mind, I am back!

Talking about, what I did in past’s time….Naaah… Nothing much!! Just screwing myself in exams!!

I don’t exactly remember when I left the examination hall with a smile on my face…

Recently, I came across the increasing popularity of India’s cricket Team. India has innovated T-20 format in Test match which gives the result in just three days instead of waiting for long 5 days .Isn't it great ?? ALL THANKS TO INDIAN CRICKET TEAM!

Just forgot about Sachin’s 100th ton, but hope for at least they could survive all 5 days in coming test starting from 24th jan.

For seven months, the bunch of 11 players who represent the nation are putting us down from last seven consecutive test matches. Asking for a reason from Team, gave the excuse of Bad form of key players.

Does the era of Indian cricket Team has ended , does India lacks fresh talent or do  we have something or someone else to blame !!

Letz hope India should brake his fast toward victory and gave a NEW YEAR present by winning last test match to all of Indians.

It’s enough for today as I have to prepare for xams too…will come soooon!!!

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