Sunday, 25 May 2014

Finally I did message after 18 months

Yesterday wasn’t a simple day for sure; it was quite anonymous day for me which came up with different Sun, trying to burn my hidden secrets  which I never want to get noticed.

Like any other night, I did sleep but it wasn’t a sleep of night it was a sleep of questions! Many questions were popping into my mind! Yes, It was about her, yes it was about the good morning gal Ayesha! 

Although it’s been 18 months that I have woke up daily only with blank screen of mobile. But still some part inside me still expects a message ,which is beyond my control.

These 18 months were different at least for me, one good thing happened that I met myself, the person to whom I was hiding since many years. There used to be times where every sunshine made me feel that she is near, But time has really changed, now I had some fears.
Time has changed so fast, I came to Hyderabad just to be occupied by my work but one thing that didn’t left me alone every single day   was memories of past to whom I wanna escape.
So yesterday with all the courage I messaged to her over facebook….
“Helllllllllozzzzzz Ayesha……..
Howz you
Without expectation of reply, I am messaging because I really wanna talk!
Yes I am being selfish here, I wanna talk & here I am on your Fb wall nd messaging you”

I did this message to gal who used to lives few miles away. But unfortunately message went 959 miles away from it where she is living now. Yes she had moved to different city. It made me nerveless for many seconds but my numb mind still pretends its fine! But it wasn’t at that time!
Sometime people are really far away that no technology made you connect to them. It was just few months back when I used to know what breakfast they had eaten & now they are too far to be asked anything.
She did reply to every single message from a new city but with a same tone that made me forced to dig our past again.

I really don’t know is it a start of other painful journey or is it gonna cure previous sins. I want it to be normal.
Again it’s my destiny which is overpowering my dwindling luck, making me amuse what is going to happen!

One thing was different today, this time her messages come up with emotions which wants to say something aloud which I failed to hear.It felt that her messages are hiding something. As she was in hurry so asked me come up next time, will there be a next time or it was just the illusion !

“Living Life is such a tricky game that makes you clean bowled even when you are enjoying at pavilion”

Kuch  Rattein ban jattein hain khaas
Jis din hoo jaye tumse baat karne ka ehsas
Teri batton ka to mujhe hain kch aisa nasha
jo naa hoo to , ab zindgi lagti mujhe sazaa

I had so many things to tell her but from where to start…………………………..or better I should stop!