Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Days before love

Hi blogdosts!

Finally I am here again, to ruin your data of fast running internet .Thanks for coming here!
As you are here, so I make you sure, this post must be worth reading!

Before I initiate my post, I wanna fall you in fabricated situation of love, where you like a person & even you are sure of liking from yours partner too. You are hanging around with her, enjoying endless dates, watching movie on corner seats, recharging your mobile accounts in midnights just to say to good night to her, asking endless favors from her & Even you turned into a “Shayar” for her.

In short, you find yourself completely tuned up with her. And then your mind have train of thoughts, asks you numerous questions where avoiding one could be considered as favoritism to other. Is it one whom GOD has sent for you to write your entire life with her or is it one, whom I will forget like any chapter of life.

Then chain of questions, am I too victim of love or am I really enjoying my bachelorhood like others?

Do I really like her or Am I like any other jerk?

Do I really have feelings for her or should I consider myself Stud, which can make any girl to make her around?

Should I stick on that girl or should I wait for another Best girl to be the princess of heart again?

Do I propose her or Wait to let her propose me?

These are the days before love. Where we consider ourselves as “Brainless genes” .And we are unable to take any decision.

This is the story of mine, where I find myself stuck in various things.

Days before love are the best period of life, where you enjoy the same, what other is enjoying being in love with no commitment.If I follow the conventionally theory of love then I must have listen to violin ,sound of love once I saw her but I ant’s enjoying the same.

Now, I must request scientists to invent something like love meter, where anyone can check, how much you love your partner. Even it should be able to check sustainability of it , so that we can check how long will it be carried away!!

Off course, I am living with her but how can anyone say am I living only for her?

I know I am enjoying with her but how anyone can predict my meaning of enjoyment is her?

May be I could consider this thing as love, What if tomorrow it fled away!!

Creating mess in the mind!!
When you are unable to answer some questions , it's better to left it unanswered!!

 Another Attempt to fiction!!!