Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Moment, When Past hits you Back!

Really don’t know either we live for some happy moments or moments are making life happier!

Life is all about moments, Some are happy while some are bad , some are remembered for forever while some meant to be forgotten, Some moments we are proud of while some we always regret.

But there are some moments in your life which are very special , Untold & stored into permanent storage of your heart not because of you experienced incredible thing but because of the special feeling of  those moments being spent with the one you care about, the one you love, the one whom you never ever forget irrespective wherever you go.

Moments create Memories & Memories of a person who is no more into your life makes your life a bit tougher to live with those memories in your mind. And as of now there isn’t any mechanism to erase all the past memories. Chances are high that you may hit any of those memories in your present & they may drag you to your past which you once lived cheerfully at that time but now you want it to get buried there in grave of time.

Thoughts travel faster than light; I went to mall for buying a wrist watch, supposedly a gift to me from my side which was pending since my last birthday. During that time I was choosing a watch from me, I came across women section of watches just to have glance what there in trend. There was plenty of new design, different vibrant colors & amazingly fashionable watches. From all that watches, my eyes got to stick to one watch which was third from the left from upper second row of his display counter. Watch having Silver toned dial having circular base & crystal embellishments near the dial & has fixed stone inside it. It was exactly the same watch which Ayesha used to wear; I always used to admire her watch whenever we used to meet. Thoughts of her were the only thing my mind could think of at that time.

Although we haven’t met for close to 4 years but a tiny second glance over that watch drove me to whole of my past in few seconds.  I was into memories of past where holding her hand was a habit, listening to her was addiction & thinking about her was like one of life supporting function.  But I forget one important thing said by Einstein, “Change is the only Constant thing in the world.” Same happens, we did change a lot: physically, mentally & off course emotionally. Now we don’t share emotions as we used to do. We don’t talk as we used to.

Time flew; we came to different cities, doing different things differently. Probably she must be having another guy in her life adding up new memories to her life with her special moments.
Many thoughts were juggling up in my mind that point of time, which was stopped by the distraction of the annoying sound made by someone else cell phone!

I smiled at my destiny & believed in Luck saying that, “It’s not the right time to buy a watch” & stepped out the shop to live my same monotonous life again which I am living for past four years.

P.S = Something didn’t go the way we want to & somethings are bound to get wrong irrespective of what you do. But it’s not where we stop & cry. It’s the time we should keep going & try until we get what we deserve.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Apology Accepted: Chapter Closed

Almost after 2 years, she felt that she did wrong & apologized for the same. Does this Apology will have made any difference between us?

It’s been four months; I am talking to her after the long gap of eighteen months which I dont myself know what exactly went wrong between us at that point of time.  Although we always try to avoid talking about past always but yesterday was different. 

During these four months, I hardly had ten conversations with her over facebook that too normal, the way I talk to any other facebook friend, we talk about what she is doing with her life, about her job in new city. In the course of talking over few months, I had realized that we both kind of moved on from each other. We are emotionally stable now & I should say bit emotionally mature, and are living a comfortable single life without being liable & bounded to tell each other everything  we came across as we used to do earlier. I think, it is good for both of us to start a new chapter of life in new cities as we both are in different cities.

But still something inside me, there was some pages of past which were unwritten &  finding an answer since then. I don’t say they got their answer but I think they find their reason to remain *BLANK*

Between Me & Ayesha, story started long back in 2010 when we were in our graduation, when we only have mission just to clear the semester exams & have vision to have end with first class degree. We both completed our mission & vision but in between the process of achieving targets somewhere, our story lost their vision of living together. As graduation end came, it came along with end of our story. It was like she came into my life with time bound offer which I failed to realize in the beginning. Graduation Marksheet came & giving me smiling sarcasm for what I did to her (I could have studied more). But this love story didn’t give me any of the scorecards as it ended abruptly. Now after 2 years, i got the Apology scorecard, I was confused what to do it with it.

Late Apology is like giving water to crops when they are already been wasted due to scarcity of resources. But in her case, I thought its better for me accept that as it will help me to live my life more comfortably without being finding the reason what went wrong.

I don’t  know whether this late Apology of her make sense in general or not but yes  this Apology definitely make sense what happened between us in the past . I don’t know what this Apology gonna make any change between us. But it will help me to close all the previous chapters which were linked to her.

Thank you for Apology!

P.S = Again you are the inspiration for this Blogpost. 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Letter to Leo from Libra

Dear Leo

As Leo People always tries to find something good in every situation, so I hope this letter from Libra would definitely makes your day good, A day which comes only once in a year.

As I don’t know her name yet, I only knew her that tomorrow is her birthday as she talking over phone to someone about her birthday so I guess, her zodiac is Leo.

So this is my gift to that Leo gal, whom I might never gonna see her again in my remaining life.

A tall & ambitious gal, looks like what exactly a perfect gal should look like as she was wearing a Black Dress, a complete perfect mixture elegancy & beauty.

Then I saw her entering into Mango Store; probably she was looking for her Birthday Dress.  At that time, my stars were lucky enough as there weren’t any other customer apart from her, so even I entered the store pretending I want to shop something from there.

A pretty gal & Normal Me, along with few salesman and huge number of princess kind of dresses which even can make anyone look pretty. So, I took charge as I don’t wanna  get cursed by my future that I didn’t  even make effort for to talk.

I approached her, said,”Happy Birthday!”

She gave a confused look, and just responded “Thanks, but its tomorrow”

I Responded, “I can’t wait for next 24 hours to wish a special Leo gal to wish her special birthday whom I might I don’t find tomorrow.”
She Nodded & smiled!
Her smile makes my time to stop for few seconds,makes my mind numb & gave a memory that will come along with me in my grave. Then my destiny came to picture & it overpowered my dwindling luck, when she said, “I gotta go.”

Her smile makes me realize that there Few Things which money can’t buy & Life is worth if you have someone special whose smile is important to you more than anything else. Although I might never gonna see her again, I might never gonna know her name but one thing I am sure of her memory gonna stay with me forever.

Happy Birthday to Best Looking Leo gal, May you get whatever you want.


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Finally I did message after 18 months

Yesterday wasn’t a simple day for sure; it was quite anonymous day for me which came up with different Sun, trying to burn my hidden secrets  which I never want to get noticed.

Like any other night, I did sleep but it wasn’t a sleep of night it was a sleep of questions! Many questions were popping into my mind! Yes, It was about her, yes it was about the good morning gal Ayesha! 

Although it’s been 18 months that I have woke up daily only with blank screen of mobile. But still some part inside me still expects a message ,which is beyond my control.

These 18 months were different at least for me, one good thing happened that I met myself, the person to whom I was hiding since many years. There used to be times where every sunshine made me feel that she is near, But time has really changed, now I had some fears.
Time has changed so fast, I came to Hyderabad just to be occupied by my work but one thing that didn’t left me alone every single day   was memories of past to whom I wanna escape.
So yesterday with all the courage I messaged to her over facebook….
“Helllllllllozzzzzz Ayesha……..
Howz you
Without expectation of reply, I am messaging because I really wanna talk!
Yes I am being selfish here, I wanna talk & here I am on your Fb wall nd messaging you”

I did this message to gal who used to lives few miles away. But unfortunately message went 959 miles away from it where she is living now. Yes she had moved to different city. It made me nerveless for many seconds but my numb mind still pretends its fine! But it wasn’t at that time!
Sometime people are really far away that no technology made you connect to them. It was just few months back when I used to know what breakfast they had eaten & now they are too far to be asked anything.
She did reply to every single message from a new city but with a same tone that made me forced to dig our past again.

I really don’t know is it a start of other painful journey or is it gonna cure previous sins. I want it to be normal.
Again it’s my destiny which is overpowering my dwindling luck, making me amuse what is going to happen!

One thing was different today, this time her messages come up with emotions which wants to say something aloud which I failed to hear.It felt that her messages are hiding something. As she was in hurry so asked me come up next time, will there be a next time or it was just the illusion !

“Living Life is such a tricky game that makes you clean bowled even when you are enjoying at pavilion”

Kuch  Rattein ban jattein hain khaas
Jis din hoo jaye tumse baat karne ka ehsas
Teri batton ka to mujhe hain kch aisa nasha
jo naa hoo to , ab zindgi lagti mujhe sazaa

I had so many things to tell her but from where to start…………………………..or better I should stop!