Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A Letter to Leo from Libra

Dear Leo

As Leo People always tries to find something good in every situation, so I hope this letter from Libra would definitely makes your day good, A day which comes only once in a year.

As I don’t know her name yet, I only knew her that tomorrow is her birthday as she talking over phone to someone about her birthday so I guess, her zodiac is Leo.

So this is my gift to that Leo gal, whom I might never gonna see her again in my remaining life.

A tall & ambitious gal, looks like what exactly a perfect gal should look like as she was wearing a Black Dress, a complete perfect mixture elegancy & beauty.

Then I saw her entering into Mango Store; probably she was looking for her Birthday Dress.  At that time, my stars were lucky enough as there weren’t any other customer apart from her, so even I entered the store pretending I want to shop something from there.

A pretty gal & Normal Me, along with few salesman and huge number of princess kind of dresses which even can make anyone look pretty. So, I took charge as I don’t wanna  get cursed by my future that I didn’t  even make effort for to talk.

I approached her, said,”Happy Birthday!”

She gave a confused look, and just responded “Thanks, but its tomorrow”

I Responded, “I can’t wait for next 24 hours to wish a special Leo gal to wish her special birthday whom I might I don’t find tomorrow.”
She Nodded & smiled!
Her smile makes my time to stop for few seconds,makes my mind numb & gave a memory that will come along with me in my grave. Then my destiny came to picture & it overpowered my dwindling luck, when she said, “I gotta go.”

Her smile makes me realize that there Few Things which money can’t buy & Life is worth if you have someone special whose smile is important to you more than anything else. Although I might never gonna see her again, I might never gonna know her name but one thing I am sure of her memory gonna stay with me forever.

Happy Birthday to Best Looking Leo gal, May you get whatever you want.



  1. said 'special' n 'different'...:) :)

  2. A lovely letter from Libra to Leo....