Sunday, 29 April 2012

one, 2 ,THREE.....

Sometime i feel like , my whole childhood completed with in a count on one, 2 , THREE...

hey blog friends!

Everything has a past , a past since its inception & future till GOD's desire.

Till now , most of us had lived one third of its life or about to complete it. In those past years, we came across numerous events, some of  which we never wanna recall or some of which we never wanna forget. Everything is past now.
A past which we gonna live again , a past which we gonna enjoy again . In this past ,we had missed so many things to get some few things ,which no one is sure about that we will get it or not.

In childhood, we had plans of becoming actor,cricketer, pilot, teacher & IAS and we just end up our childhood in   just becoming a student. A student which only knows how to study .

Just give a look at your long elasted childhood which has passed into few seconds.Time has wings of thoughts. Everything is past now. Nothing can come back to your hands Still memories can fly you there.

Most of us will not be contend with their present. we can't ever satisfied with present conditions and we  
were never satisfied by the past too, still we recall our past. No matter what the days are,what the situation is we gonna miss it in the end.

For us most of us Past gives smile & future gives tension. In the fight of smile & tension we had lost our present.  Never think of your future as in the end when your future becomes your past then also it will give you ray of smile.

You will look back on the times you laughed and you will cry. You will look back on the times you cried, and you will laugh. You will always remember close friends, and you will always keep memories of them in your heart. Life is hard, it’s tough, and it’s unfair, but everyone gets over the hurt and the pain, eventually. You always end up with a smile on your face, if you give it a chance. ♥

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Reality of Relations!!

Hii blogdosts!

Paper  is man’s only best friend, you can write anything to it. It never asks you the reason & it never ditches anyone.

In the awakening of becoming rich, we had eliminated the word ‘RELATIONS’ from our dictionary. In fast moving economy relation synchronizes itself to the money, profit & self-motives.

Usually people change after the tasting the wine of success but they don’t know or I should say they don’t wanna realize that Wine doesn’t last for forever. Even I was one of those realized the truth behind every relation when she got a little success. Why she changed to me….STILL waiting for the explanation from her.

This episode is over now & will definitely explain in detail in later posts. Moreover life is learning process, now I had learnt one thing “EVERY RELATION FUCKS YOU IN THE END”