Saturday, 21 April 2012

Reality of Relations!!

Hii blogdosts!

Paper  is man’s only best friend, you can write anything to it. It never asks you the reason & it never ditches anyone.

In the awakening of becoming rich, we had eliminated the word ‘RELATIONS’ from our dictionary. In fast moving economy relation synchronizes itself to the money, profit & self-motives.

Usually people change after the tasting the wine of success but they don’t know or I should say they don’t wanna realize that Wine doesn’t last for forever. Even I was one of those realized the truth behind every relation when she got a little success. Why she changed to me….STILL waiting for the explanation from her.

This episode is over now & will definitely explain in detail in later posts. Moreover life is learning process, now I had learnt one thing “EVERY RELATION FUCKS YOU IN THE END”

1 comment:

  1. dont give a damn shit to ne gal...even if she is aishwariya, yu deserve better dan her :D
    u r just waisting ur tym writing shit on some1 who nevea deserved u .....!!