Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Moment, When Past hits you Back!

Really don’t know either we live for some happy moments or moments are making life happier!

Life is all about moments, Some are happy while some are bad , some are remembered for forever while some meant to be forgotten, Some moments we are proud of while some we always regret.

But there are some moments in your life which are very special , Untold & stored into permanent storage of your heart not because of you experienced incredible thing but because of the special feeling of  those moments being spent with the one you care about, the one you love, the one whom you never ever forget irrespective wherever you go.

Moments create Memories & Memories of a person who is no more into your life makes your life a bit tougher to live with those memories in your mind. And as of now there isn’t any mechanism to erase all the past memories. Chances are high that you may hit any of those memories in your present & they may drag you to your past which you once lived cheerfully at that time but now you want it to get buried there in grave of time.

Thoughts travel faster than light; I went to mall for buying a wrist watch, supposedly a gift to me from my side which was pending since my last birthday. During that time I was choosing a watch from me, I came across women section of watches just to have glance what there in trend. There was plenty of new design, different vibrant colors & amazingly fashionable watches. From all that watches, my eyes got to stick to one watch which was third from the left from upper second row of his display counter. Watch having Silver toned dial having circular base & crystal embellishments near the dial & has fixed stone inside it. It was exactly the same watch which Ayesha used to wear; I always used to admire her watch whenever we used to meet. Thoughts of her were the only thing my mind could think of at that time.

Although we haven’t met for close to 4 years but a tiny second glance over that watch drove me to whole of my past in few seconds.  I was into memories of past where holding her hand was a habit, listening to her was addiction & thinking about her was like one of life supporting function.  But I forget one important thing said by Einstein, “Change is the only Constant thing in the world.” Same happens, we did change a lot: physically, mentally & off course emotionally. Now we don’t share emotions as we used to do. We don’t talk as we used to.

Time flew; we came to different cities, doing different things differently. Probably she must be having another guy in her life adding up new memories to her life with her special moments.
Many thoughts were juggling up in my mind that point of time, which was stopped by the distraction of the annoying sound made by someone else cell phone!

I smiled at my destiny & believed in Luck saying that, “It’s not the right time to buy a watch” & stepped out the shop to live my same monotonous life again which I am living for past four years.

P.S = Something didn’t go the way we want to & somethings are bound to get wrong irrespective of what you do. But it’s not where we stop & cry. It’s the time we should keep going & try until we get what we deserve.

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