Wednesday, 27 June 2012

LIFE : full of Emotion$

After so much of laziness, finally I came out from It wanna write something, still confused what to write in that ‘something’. In past a month, I came accross approximate every mood of life. Starting from Tension of exams, Pressure for interview for internship, Happiness for coming into finally ‘FINAL’ year of graduation and the thing which annoys me the most is ‘FRIENDSHIP’ from someone who even doesn’t know meaning of it & considered it to hypothetical term, HUH!!!  She could be the perfect example to one of the perfect quote “EVERYONE DOESN’T DESERVE YOUR FRIENDSHIP “

The day 12th June, on which I have successfully submitted my last exam papers & officially confirmed my entry in final year of my engineering. The happiness doesn’t end last even for a day; because next day I came to know I have a interview for my 6 weeks internship. So for this I have to prepare CV. Somehow I managed to make it with the help of GOOGLE. I checked it thrice, if it needs any editions or not. Finally the day has arrived; I took a printout of it & scanned again for any correction needed. It was looking perfect. Finally I was waiting for my turn, then person came in to asks my come in the room for the purpose for same. Then I stood up from couch & followed him with a file in my hand having perfect CV. Here destiny came into play, overpowered my dwindling Luck. I noticed TWO big mistakes in front page. One was wrong spelling, and other was wrong abbreviation.
I thought why I didn’t notice in the past. Second thing which concerned me the most why it gets noticed now when I was about to take the interview. The interview lasts for 20 minutes & went fine. Even they didn’t notice my mistake in CV. Result of interview is still awaited.

Now coming to annoying mood of that period, reason is off course her .Friendship is that precious stone, which isn’t everyone’s fate. I have pity on her for not having it & considered it to false thing. Friendship is everything in that something that can’t be described. It makes your every moment just worth living it. Today I realized one thing, instead of realizing I should say I have learnt a lesson for a life time that never lower you’re standard to have somebody’s friendship. It will always ditch you in the end.
Finally it’s over with her. HUH!! Relaxed….

Thank God for saving from such torture!!

Life BACK to normal ………………..

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