Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More than friends but less than lovers ♥

Finally, we entered into the 12th date of 12th month of 12th year of this century. And clock is too showing 12-12 am when I am about to start this post which I myself doesn't know what I am gonna write in it.

11th December, 2012
The sun was on time & shinning on his usual place. But I was on my couch, fully awaken but pretending to be sleepy under blanket with mobile in hand. I was waiting for her text, a morning wish which become a insulin for my senses to react everyday or I should say reason for me to wake up, my eyes are adamant to start to a day with her text, my ears are deeply waiting for the message tone & my hands are just hoping for the mobile to vibrate as early as possible. Time for to feel alive, message received.

(One message received)

Ayesha – Good Morning :)
Me- Good morning :) :)

I wait for message every day, just to confirm is she ok, is she all right or in short is she is living
This is how I transformed from virtual dreaming to the textual reality daily. This is how I woke up every day.
Although, college is off for preparatory leave for exams. This was the reason I was still on my bed starting a day with shinning sun in the top to the vibration in my mobile phone.
(I know, I am terribly bad shayar, still I do manage have a romantic shayari every morning only for her )

Me- “Ab karte hain naye din ke shuruwaat
         Mil jo gya tere choone ka ehsas
         Aise hee karte rehna tum mere dino ko roshan
        Tere msg ke baad hee aata hai meri aakhon mein motion “

Ayesha-  :) :)

I don’t know what kinda relation it is , but we haven’t named it as love , we haven’t fall into relationships , we haven’t promise to be a part each other’s life for forever. But we do care each other as lovers do, we do have endless talks as lovers do & we can’t stay without each other as lovers.
In short, what I can name it as ‘’More than the best friends but less than lovers.’’   If we are really soul mates then no one can part us in any way. And if we aren’t the ‘one made for each other’, any other guy could steal her from my wildest dreams. So, I dunno wanna pollute such a divine word i.e LOVE ♥. I am one woman man, so just waiting for right time.

It’s again my destiny which is overpowering my dwindling luck, completely blank for next move, now just waiting for what is pre-written in destiny rule book.


  1. Any guy can love a thousand girls...but only a rare guy can love one girl in a thousand ways.
    lucky ayesha:):)

  2. But Ayesha doesn't think so ! :P

  3. Nice piece of emotions :-) gud gng