Monday, 1 October 2012

Memories of Past ♥

How can I forget you,,,
How can I forgive you,,,
How can I make you smile
When you don’t talk to me even for a while
You always promised to walk with me every mile
But you weren’t there even for a smile!!!

I wish I could erase her memories from my mind but till now Almighty GOD hasn’t made any system to do so. A guilt of past which may effect my future!!

Few meetings with her, makes me one who can write about her for rest of my life.

Life has taken sharp turns till now, but still my life hasn’t moved a bit. I am still thinking about her. I am still finding my mistakes which I didn’t do in order to prove her right.
I am still finding the reason, what had happened to us!!  But nothing successful came out.

That’s the story of every young person, who fails in his first love. Even I do have the interesting story. Story of emotions , Story of love & Story of luck.

Newly graduated from school entered college now with new hopes, new desires & with new friends. Haven’t thought even I could fall into prey of love with her eyes, her charisma, her personality, her aura, her looks, her imagination; they always make me feel jittery.

Time never is the same, during that period my heart forays with my mind to prepare a strategy for first talk & finally my heart succeeded & I was ready to talk with physical beauty for the first time after 6 months of colleges had already passed.

I used to visit the cafeteria ,just to enjoy drizzling beauty of her!

So, finally day was decided, venue got the nod by my mind authority checks & was ready with plan for my first move.

Being a non-believer of astrology, numerology & Taro cards, still I have gone though all just in order to confirm that everything was going in right direction or not.

Finally making so much of preparation, taking all the good lucks from near & dear ones, visiting all the temples, gurudwars & churches near by just in order confirm my first victory over my self just for a perfect start of a talk with dazzling beauty.

Finally the day arrived, clock strikes 12 pm looks like even clock is greeting me with ‘NAMASTE’. I never felt so different that day. Reached the desired venue, Cafeteria too packed with charming smiles , Felt like happiness everywhere seems as everyone has already know about my plan & they are here only to cheer me up.

So, took a seat near by & glued my eyes to the entrance. Soon my wait gets over & pink dressed angel arrived. A look towards her makes me forget for what purpose I am here.

She looked very happy ,just promising me that my first talk could be successful. But as it was my story , how GOD can plan it so smoothly!! 

She wasn't alone this time , she was coming  along with another boy not knowing who he was? .Rumours are high ,Boy like my angel ,have a feeling for her. But i didn't pay attention to that .i was focused towards my goal .

They  entered slowly towards the cafeteria , i can watch them from my near by window. once they  stepped inside the hall..Here my destiny comes into act. Suddenly cafeteria went dark only light focusing both of them. Then boy whom i never want to enter my story becomes the antagonist of my story & perposes her ''Will you be my only & forever angel for rest of my life?'' Without thinking for second ,she said ''YES''.As she was
born for that moment only.

 i was stunned , What had happened to me!! How angel of my life  migrated to  become another's angel  
in front of me. Here again , my destiny overcomes my dwindling luck! 

What the F**k ! what the f**K!! what the f**K!!!

 At that tym i came to know , Heart doesn't had feelings , it can't love , it can't think . iT's just a medical organ which supports us to live. 

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