Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hyderabad: A Crowded Paradise

It’s been sixteen days that I have successively passed in the city, which is 1100 miles away from my home land.

For you it might be just sixteen revolution of earth around the sun, but for me it’s like I have born 16th time, every time with new desire, new challenges & with some new pretty faces. I haven’t thought of such thing that gonna happen to me but now it’s like I belong to Hyderabad now. It’s like every day we born for different purpose here.
It was my first visit to the “city of nawabs” & now I am attached to it. Here I have felt that 24hrs is too short to live a whole day. You have so much to do; parties’ with new friends, attending classes, photography, playing badminton, enjoying movies and list goes on. Here you have to cut short your sleep in order to live a lively life every day.
It’s was all about Hyderabad, but it’s not the reason I am writing this blog & thing which forces me to write is my PAST.

29TH JUNE, 2013
I was having moment of my life, after class parties, hanging out with my friends & coming late at nights. But that day was different, I was putting some important dossiers back to my bag , then I found some torn papers , firstly appeared like some bills , which make curious what I have bought so preciously that I have put it my bag for so long. So I carefully handled the torn the paper & tries to analyze what it is!!


It was two movie tickets of Cineplex in Gurgaon, dated 4th march. Everything was going just fine into my life until I analyzed the torn papers, which I might not know what they are doing inside.  For anyone, it could be movie tickets but it really shocked my life for a second & these two tickets showed me the landscape view of what had happened with me on 4th march (a day that can’t erased from my memory) in a second. I was silent, not aware of what to do, just glaring the walls continuously & aimlessly.
I was amazed by full stop given by life in the middle of so called none less than perfect life that I always dreamt of living. Those two tickets have no worth to anyone, but it still had enough force to drag me to my past which I was forgotten. It reminds me of person who never forgets to remind me a good morning every sunny day in my past. It was about her.
It was tickets of last movie that we have seen together on our last meeting.

It was like I am standing at the same place at gurgaon, forcing myself to think everything will be all right, believing nothing had happened! But destiny already clean bowled my luck way before I thought. It was just 4th March that destiny chose to raise the finger to give me directions for going back to pavilion.
It’s almost 4 months that I haven’t seen her and I still haven’t taken my stand on this! I am just avoiding it, will avoid it for forever. I don’t want to accuse her for going way without a reason. Sometime there could be reason too for not giving a reason. Because there is nothing right or wrong happens in life, it happens because it was bound to happen. It was just like we both chose our life against each other. One thing that no one can ever steal is ‘memories’ of all wired things we did together. 
If it was the failed relationship that gave me so much of happiness, imagine what comes along with the real package!!!
Now , coming back to Hyderabad - a life , where no one wanna miss single second to be their life to be a part of it. Will post next blog soon………

Keep Checking…J J


  1. Life in metro cities is like that only. Enjoy your days there. Please try to understand "Don't give unnecessary attention to such things which give you nothing other than pain. Don't put full stop in the beginning of your new career. One more thing I didn't know you write so well..Superliked it!!

    1. words of appreciation always had a special place in my life. I don't know who you are but these warm kind comments means a lot to me!

      Thank you!!
      Will continue my efforts for my very few audience!!