Monday, 4 March 2013

Gurgaon: Dreams Turned into Reality

Ayesha has re-entered in my life!
Now we are again connected through whatsapp, face book & Twitter! .
After two months of trauma that I had, now even things were trying  back to be normal.
Two things, which are even same as before i.e. first she is listening to me & second I am talking to her over phone every time! Things were changing so fast between us, making me feel more tensed! Doesn't know what gonna happen in future !
It must be mine bad luck that things went pretty wrong before but destiny has shown his light today.

3rd March, 2013
Finally she invited me to meet in her new city –GURGAON!

Date Decided-4th March

Time- Maximum time that I can spend (Actually she has taken off from her office)

Location Settled – Confirmed many times!

Plans were reassured as long as we can discuss it over phone!

This was the day I wanted, to pass it quickly!

4th March, 2013 (Only DAY of my life, whose waiting could be synchronized with suffering)
As clock strikes 12, I was hell excited that Instead of setting an ALARM I put up the COUNTDOWN  TIMER of 5 hrs, because I have to wake up early . Even though countdown time was running, I still checked it in every 5 minutes in order to make sure my mobile shouldn’t run out of battery.

I was awake at sharp 4-55 am, ahead of time schedule!
I didn’t want Luck to interfere with my any of the schedule!  Then I simply put off my Timer!
It was time to get ready & finally I reached the desired location at sharp 10-30!
And it was Time to smile, it was time to cheer, it was time which makes me numb for almost a minute! Finally I saw her with every corner from my eye, she was waiting for me! It was the first time; she did wait for me because earlier it was used to be my task to do so!
She was looking so different today making me feels uncomfortable about my looks!  (How can she do it to me, I was perfect too!)
Finally we entered the movie hall as decided & enjoyed the worst movie of mine till now! But never mind, sometimes it’s a company who makes you to feel good not the movie!

After that great meal, we talked so much that even Sun was changing its direction towards west! I was wondering how much I waited for this special day & why the day is ditching me …by taking the sun away so fast!
Atlast it was time to listen the GOOD BYE from her, but I didn’t responded! And she was gone & leaving me behind into her memories
Memories of today or plans for future …I still couldn’t figure out ………………….

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