Monday, 12 December 2011

A self written poetry...

We are not here to attend the classes
But we made for bunk in masses
People eyed me and say   I am fool
But who cares I know I am cool
Everybody is concern about their grades
 which make them work  everyday
But why should I   because I know 
I can compete them anyway
Everyone is busy in finding their crush everyday
But why I am rushing toward one girl  since yesterday
Everybody is becoming a day older by the way
But why I am shorting my life  everyday..
Everyone is enjoying  doing their routine work day by day
But why I wanna to eloped  from my life everyday
Everyone has reaching closer to their goals everyday
But why I find myself still in midway
Here everyone wants to make  million everyday in every possible way
But why I am getting healthier day by day
Everyone is busy in pulling down the others every way
But why I didn’t find my rope anyway
Here everyone wants to become topper in their way
But why i wanna to become an engineer in my way
Here i find a new mugger everywhere
but why i realized my self a thinker anywhere
Here everyone wants the fame
but nobody is ready to take the pain
here everyone wants to become the best
then why they all  care about rest
Here everyone is sad in counting the troubles everyday
But why am I thankful to God for blessing anyway
Here everyone is putting off limits in their way
But why am I am not stop dreaming in the day
Here everyone comes for winning
But I know how to cherish in my loosing

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