Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sachin Tendulker :BHARAT RATNA

May be it is time to be overjoyed for all cricket lovers,who considered Sachin Ramesh Tendulker  as 'GOD' but at the same time for all persons belonging to other sports are in the state of jeopardy.The most prestigious & greatest honor of the country to be given to any civilian "BHARAT RATNA" is opening its field to consider sports personality too. Initially  this award is limited to persons belongs to Arts,Science,Literature & public fields but now cabinet ministry has taken approval to consider sports too by making some amendments in constitution.
For an Indian, sports can  only be synchronized with cricket and government has planned to consider the name of Sachin Tendulker for highest civilian award in field of sport. It makes Sachin himself proud as well as his fans present over the globe who worship him as 'GOD OF CRICKET' 

Sports is field of Records and some one has rightly said "Records are meant to be broken".No doubt Sachin has earned number of record during his life & still his hunger of records doesn't have a full stop.He is the leading run-scorer and century maker in Test and One day international He is the first male player to score a double century in ODI cricket.Tendulkar is the first and the only player in Test Cricket history to score fifty centuries, and the first to score fifty centuries in all international cricket combined, Presently he has 99 century combined. He has numerous record with him.

Recently ,as we all know Sehwag has hit double ton against west indies breaking Sachin's record.
BHART RATNA should be only given to those unique personality are unique in their fields, who are born once in lifetime, to a person who admired over the globe. By giving BHART RATNA ,does Indian government takes a guarantee that there will be no Sachin Tendulker in future. 

Before Sachin ,there was Kapil Dev , a world cup winning team captain a legendary man of records now Sachin has taken it's position & in future there will be some one else who will take the sachin's position makes to our country proud.

I am not against Sachin Tendulker for considering him for honor. Sachin was gem of India & will continue to be.....

I just want to express my regard to consider various other sports legendary from others fields too.It will only bigger the viod between between cricket and other sports which results into less sponsorship to others sports ultimately effects into poor performance of players in other sports.

Viswanathan anand  World champions of Indian origin game Chess. Abhinav Bindra ,ace shotter who bags gold medal during Beijing Olympic. Dhayan chand , a man of honor respected  by all hockey players over the globe. How can  we neglect that?

Are  we doing justice to consider only Sachin for a award & neglecting various other who need it first

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