Monday, 26 December 2011


Last Monday of the year

Till now we have seen so many Mondays…..with the unending spirit of Monday never ends.

 After saying goodbye 51 Mondays, we are here again to mourn the last & 52nd Monday of the year 2011. This year gives us very uneven experiences of bad & worst.. While a ray of hope of terror free world comes with the assassination of Osama bin laden on  of the Monday of the year . This year Monday being so tragic destructed every sector around the world, Japan tops the list being suffered a lot due to uncontrollable nuclear emission resulting into major lose both in lives & property killing 15,840 and leaving another 3,926 missing, but this can be seen from other side too Japan has become example for every other country including India who is considering nuclear power as a major source of energy in coming future.

Thinking why Monday has put so destruction everywhere, we can consider it this way as Monday celebrated as the day of Lord Shiva & we all know Lord Shiva is GOD of destruction. I don’t mind to award Monday as Tragic day of the year.

Now turning to be little optimistic by thinking a quote from Hindu Mythology,
” Everything happens for a purpose of Good.” But what we get after losing a great inspirational figure Steave Jobs? What good it was in Japan after so much destruction.?

Now talking about some good things that happened across the world.It was Monday too on 31st October when our global population crosses the mark of seven billion, one more good thing happens when America puts Iraq war to end having a peace environment over there

No one can stop the future to come to shock the people with its happenings Even being the common man we can’t do anything except to being affected from the effect of Nature.
This is the common man ,who welcomes everyday without having any bitter memories of past. I salute the spirit of everyone who still waits for Monday like never before with it skyrocketing hopes!!!

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