Wednesday, 14 December 2011


14 December 2011

My brain cells have lost their ammunition to conclude whether the day went as partially spoiled or I actually spoiled it fully. Living in most spiritual country where more than half of the population awake before sunrise only to come at holy places and make sounds as high as they want to show the rest of population that they are awake. But I have to gone to virtual reality when my mom has shocked their presence in room & pointed the hand toward wall clock. IT’S SHOWING 6 AM…now everyone in my home has completed their journey to dreams so I have to go through the torture of sleep too. So first 25% part of day actually spent with my laptop. All thanks to Mr. Mark Zuckerbug!!
But this time I am the prisoner for next uncounted time to my bed. i was up with the phone ring which showing me time 3 PM, thinking of only one thing upto now many of  friends have taken their lunch & I haven’t taken breakfast yet. After coming into action rushed directly went to kitchen & become confused what should I asked for? “ A BREAKFAST” or “ A LUNCH” then I suddenly asked for FOOD simply .
Now it’s time for some socialising & made a decision to waste in  French class too.
I was home again but this time clock being kind to me shows me the time 6PM, realising me of the time of morning. IT’s time again for exercise for my stomach cells. A day without TV can’t possible. So I finally thought just to say hello to my television by pressing Red button. Being a TV,still human’s best friend mine too!! He never let go out, so I finally taken dinner in front of him
This time clock seems little bit impatient & shows me 10 pm.
It’s 2 hrs left for a new day…new beginning… hopes….
But I am the same.. with old room  old habits  old name