Monday, 8 August 2011

Life of 1/2 Engineer

Some says,"college takes man out of boy"  but i would say college takes virginity out of student. 
some says,"college is place for fun" but i would say college is like working under naked sun where no hopes to escape before 4 yrs.

Before entering to college i have many fantasy about the holy place like college but everything went in vain.....and realize it a prison

Life of half engineer is completely different from the ones who entering the college or who graduated from colleges or so called engineers working for big software firms and pissing off their respective asses in front of small  screens.

so, coming to the point how the life of half engineer is is a phase of life when prof starts discussing about some real problems even when we aren't able to solve the basic ones  but still we are doing it with the same zeal. it's a time when  our parents starts dreaming of high payed jobs even when we have bunch of pending exams in our hand.

The most imp. question when pings me every night because in day's time i don't have time for useless thoughts.      lolz ............."what should we call ourself"
we are the half engineers because we have got everything half....we are enjoying half the moment as we have half tensions of future.........
half happiness
half beers
half cigrattes
now even my call plan has shifted to 1/2 paisa per second

Life has taken a new turn at this phase .....where we do mistakes intentionally...........just to saw the effect ot it...

Before coming to an end,,,just wanna to say....time is running on a single track enjoy it to full extent,,,